Round 1: The VCR Game: A Klingon Challenge

Stand and be judged.

To keep things light and interesting here at the beginning, I start with the Star Trek game with quite possibly the longest title ever:

“Star Trek: The Next Generation: Interactive VCR Board Game: A Klingon Challenge in Patience”

Okay maybe that last part isn’t actually part of the title but it fits. I’m not even going to try and be impartial here. I’d rather have my arms gnawed off by a Gorn than play this game again, and my wife agrees.

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Introduction: Why subject myself to this torture?

“The Great Experiment”

Star Trek and I have a checkered past. I’m fully aware that to the non-nerd variety Star Trek is a campy, niche Sci-Fi franchise whose entertainment value varies greatly depending on which series or movie you’re watching. I can’t disagree with that. But I grew up watching TNG, then later fell in love with DS9 and for all it’s faults I still feel some sort of responsibility to the franchise. You know, like Riker feels a responsibility to visit all female guests aboard the Enterprise.

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