Month: July 2015

Mr. Robot

While taking the subway in New York you get used to seeing ignoring all of the advertising that they throw up everywhere. It’s not bad enough that the cost of a subway ride is constantly going up.  There are advertisements everywhere.  I’ve seen transformations of entire subway carts aimed at getting you . . . Read more

Back from the ashes of Myspace…

  Hey guys, remember Myspace?  Yeah, that was the last time I wrote a blog post.  Remember how you could put a “mood” on each post? And music on your front page?  My friends list was meager highly exclusive, but my posts were expertly crafted and offered rousing stimulation.  I used . . . Read more

Rocket League might be the most awesomest game of 2015

I resisted buying into the whole Playstation Plus thing for a long time because I’ve always hated the pay-to-play model on consoles. I ended up buying a year long subscription only because the idea of monthly free games seemed like a good deal, and for the last 6 months or . . . Read more