Geek A.D.D. Plays “Ascending Empires!”

Join us for Game Session #531…”Ascending Empires!”

Though, our video kinda know…skips to the fun parts. ¬†This game is all about “flicking” your spaceships around the board trying to land next to planets and NOT (surprisingly) hit other ships.

Check it out!

This game has become a bit of a rarity, but you might be able to grab one here.

X-Wing Imperial Raider Unboxing (1 of 3)

Join Cody C as he explores the Raider’s place in the lore, and in the subsequent videos he’ll cover strategic implementation of the Raider and the new TIE Advanced cards.

You can also pick up your own Imperial Raider from Amazon.

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X vs Saitek X52 Pro

Not even close to being an apples to apples comparison, this explains the differences between these two highly purchased joysticks.
The Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X
and the Saitek X52 Pro
They both have their advantages, but after scoring a deal on craigslist, only one of them survives in my stable now.


Agricola and T-5 Days to KhanCon

KhanCon is but 5 days away. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t read any new game rulebooks in weeks. Will this be my last chance to get DUNE [bgg] to the table?

KhanCon 2014 (Yes that’s last year’s poster)

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Chief O’Brien at Work

If you’re a fan of Star Trek, or comics, or just hate Chief O’Brien and have always desired to see a depressed and under-appreciated version of him, then I recommend checking out this excellent strip. Here’s a link to the first edition just to get you started.

[Chief O’Brien at Work]¬†