Solo Conquest of the Wandering Barbarian (probably not the one you’re thinking of)

With some very rare free time at the hotel in London, I decided to embark upon a quick game of Barbarian Prince. This game is definitely better if you just pretend the prince in question is the one the game is almost certainly based upon, but was forced to be genericized avoid the legalities of pursuing an existing pulp-story IP.  Continue reading

The Almost Spoiler-Free Core Set!!!

Guys…Star Wars….unnnnggghhh!!!!*

*for those of you not keeping up with my Saga of Self-Torment and Flagellation, I’ve put myself under a Star Wars embargo to avoid any and all spoilers of the new movie.

However….I also love X-Wing Miniatures and am a fairly active player.  The dark day has come where X-Wing Miniatures has released Episode VII content!!

Continue reading