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Archive for October 2015

6 Scary Video Games That Ruined My Underwear

So…it’s that time of year, ladies and ghouls!  We’ve all got our traditions for getting scared, be it spooky stories, haunted houses, or scary movie nights.  However, for me, the truly memorable “horror entertainment”comes from video games.  I’d like to share 6 scary video games that really left an impact on me that movies, or even…

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Cody C Gets Down with the Pumpkin Spice Latte

So, in recent years, I became a coffee drinker.  Usually, I just have it black with nothing in it, I only have something “frou-frou” on rare occasions.  A purist, if you will.  Anything made with syrups and milk is generally not even on my radar.  Though, there is one drink that has garnered my interest.  Despite…

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X-Wing Bases: Now in 5 Colors!

Wow! I suppose as a consequence to my EPVII embargo, I may have missed this little morsel of news.  FFG is releasing packs of extra X-Wing Bases that come in translucent, as well as 5 colors.  

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