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If you’ve played board games seriously for any amount of time then you’re certainly aware of It’s a great resource that acts like the encyclopedia of board games. It also has a very strange community of users and weird site layout. It’s great for cataloging games, tracking your plays and even facilitates trades. But finding new games can be a bit clunky.

My flavor profile compared to other users' tastebuds
My flavor profile compared to other users’ tastebuds


One site I only recently discovered that is a pretty cool tool for finding new games is This site will take your ratings from BGG and find other users with similar interests, or can just recommend you games based on player count. It’s definitely worth checking out if you already have a BGG account.

  • bradbeattie

    Just note that the recommendation and user-similarity functions aren’t immediately available. With my current implementation, they take about 30 minutes to generate after BoardGameMenu first becomes aware of your BGG account (e.g. after you visit or something like that). I’m looking at building a better recommendation system, but it’s low on my priority queue at the moment.

  • Rad, thanks