Fallout 4 Unlocked at Midnight!

What follows is a brief account of my midnight unlocking experience when playing Fallout 4 on Steam. Day 1 Nvidia drivers were installed.

12:01am  Oh hell yes! Let’s unlock this thing and get going in the wasteland!

12:03am Oh. I need to wait thirty minutes for it to unlock the files.
Okay… I guess I will watch some youtube videos.



12:37am Oh what the fuck?! (I completely lost my character that I spent about twenty minutes tweaking as a result of this crash).


12:53am Okay… Maybe I should reboot my PC.


01:09am GOD DAMMIT!

(At this point I started saving every 10 minutes. I got so wrapped up in this that I stopped taking pictures).

02:00am (ish) Allllllllllrighty. Off to bed. I’ll check reddit in the morning for a fix.

03:23pm Here is a possible fix.  Reddit user Argus1001 said it worked for him. I’ll test it out once I get home from work.