Win a Hound’s Tooth Expansion for X-Wing Miniatures!

Geek A.D.D. is having a contest! You could win a Hound’s Tooth Expansion Pack for X-Wing Miniatures! There are three easy ways to enter:

1: Find us on Facebook and “like” the post for the contest video!

2: Follow us on Instagram and “like” the post for the contest video!
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3: Comment on the YouTube rules video!

Additionally, if we get an extra 50 Subscribers to our YouTube channel, we will give away a second prize! A second lucky winner will receive: Two Black Squadron Pilot Promo Cards and two copies of Crack Shot!

Contest ends Feb 29th 2016 @ 23:59.999999 PST!


Imperial Assault Carrier (aka Gozanti) Unboxing Part One

Hey Guys-

It’s a bit of old news now, but check out this video review of the Imperial Assault Carrier (aka Gozanti Cruiser)  Part One: Unboxing and Component Review.

We lay out everything that comes with it, like the Cargo and Crew upgrades, the game changing modifications, as well as do a Deploying demo and show some of the tactical options its provides.  The Gozanti is an amazing ship.

Check out the video here!


Some X-Wing Rules you Should Know

Hey guys-

With the recent release of several new ships and upgrade cards, there have been some confusing rules to go along with it (*cough* Omega Leader *cough*).  Additionally, there have been several rules questions answered by Frank himself (Frank Brooks, essentially the “Rule Master” for X-Wing) so it will be good to keep them all in one place.  If you’re going to Store Champs, be sure you’re update on all the new interactions and keep a copy of the FAQ handy. So…without further useless commentary: Some X-Wing Rules you Should Know!

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