Operation Classic Console Acquisition #1: THE SETUP

[This first entry explains the operation. There’s a lot of uninteresting backstory. Enjoy!]

I had a pretty good gaming situation as a kid. I had my own Sega Genesis and was later gifted a Sega CD that I actually remember fairly fondly (YES I LIKED THE SEGA CD), except for Sewer Shark. That game was awful and was a great example of everything that could go wrong in Sega CD games.¬†They HAD to bundle it with the Sega CD because nobody would buy that crap. (As an aside to an aside, can you believe someone is trying to sell that shitty game for $100? Unbelievable.) I eventually made the jump to Playstation, and from there just went through the Sony releases up to where we are now with the godawful heap that is the PS4, but that’s another story. Continue reading Operation Classic Console Acquisition #1: THE SETUP