X-Wing Wave 10 Consolidated News and Spoilers!

RELEASE DATE: 2/2/17!!!!

Wave 9 is barely in the hands of you scummy GenCon attendees, and now we have a new announcement for X-Wing Wave 10!!!  Sabine’s TIE Fighter, Kylo Ren’s Uplison-Class Shuttle, and the Quadjumpa! (yeah, it’s Quadjumper, but I’m trying out my Rey impression, OK?)

Check it out below!

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Some Great X-Wing Lists, Past and Present

So, I’ve had some buddies get into the game recently and have also encountered newer players.  One of the most most common questions I get “What’s a good list?  What should I run?”  That’s not such an easy question.  Good X-Wing lists not only have to be effective and efficient, but like a wizard’s wand, it has to match you as a person.   A good list not only depends on your playstyle and preferences, but the size of your collection, your comfort with rules and maneuvers, and the state of your local “meta.”

Instead of analysing every person’s individual situation, here’s a short-ish list of some builds that either consistently do well, or have strongly defined the state of the game.  Take a peek and hopefully you see something you like (or hate, but can easily destroy!). Continue reading