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Archive for August 2016

X-Wing Wave 10 Consolidated News and Spoilers!

RELEASE DATE: 2/2/17!!!! Wave 9 is barely in the hands of you scummy GenCon attendees, and now we have a new announcement for X-Wing Wave 10!!!  Sabine’s TIE Fighter, Kylo Ren’s Uplison-Class Shuttle, and the Quadjumpa! (yeah, it’s Quadjumper, but I’m trying out my Rey impression, OK?) Check it out below!

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Some Great X-Wing Lists, Past and Present

So, I’ve had some buddies get into the game recently and have also encountered newer players.  One of the most most common questions I get “What’s a good list?  What should I run?”  That’s not such an easy question.  Good X-Wing lists not only have to be effective and efficient, but like a wizard’s wand,…

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Some X-Wing Rules You Probably Screw Up

Hey Pilots! At this point in X-Wing’s lifespan, when new releases come out, the rules are going to become increasingly complicated.  With every ship having new upgrades and pilot abilities, it is simply unavoidable.  But even if you’re a ” l33t roolz expurt!” it’s tough to remember all the little interactions.  Hence, the following….

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We put on our own Powerfest 94 Competition

We got our hands on a really well-made Powerfest 94 reproduction cartridge, and naturally the first thing to do was put on a friendly competition. Only, Gio had actually participated in the original Powerfest in 1994, so the pressure was real for him to finish in 1st place.

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