X-Wing Worlds: Personal Kit Overview and Event Breakdown

That’s right, GeekADD (Gio, J Cody, and myself, Cody C) are going to Worlds! Team Epic, Hangar Bay, and the X-Wing World Championship itself, I’m going to participate in all three!

So, I’ve spent a lot of time putting my kit together, as well as doing my research on the event (it is my first X-Wing Worlds), so I thought I’d share what I learned and hopefully make something easier on you guys!  Check it out!

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Top Paw Cat

Top Paw: The Ultimate Cat Game

Yup…we’ve resorted to posting cat videos…

But hey, I play “Top Paw” with my cat all the time, so it’s technically a game, right?  I mean, even our pets wanna get in on the action from time to time.

The object of Top Paw is to have your “paw” on top of the opponent’s for as long as possible.  The game is brutal and be costly to the ill-prepared.  Check out the impromptu but epic match between myself and my cat, Stormageddon.

Haha…after dealing with the brain-melting minutiae of a new X-Wing FAQ, sometimes you just need a cat video…please enjoy!

Triple Jumpmaster Deadeye Ruling

Goodbye, Janson…

Fellow Geeks and Star Wars Fans-

We lost another fan favorite.  British actor Ian Liston has passed away a few days ago.  He played Wes Janson in The Empire Strikes Back, who served as Wedge’s tail gunner during the snowspeeder scene.  Ian also played a second, lesser-known role that makes for an interesting story.

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