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Archive for March 2017

Cody C Brings a Firespray to the Fresno X-Wing Regional!

Hey X-Wing Players- Earlier this month, I attended the Fresno X-Wing Regional at Crazy Squirrel Games.  Last year was a great event, so I was eager to attend again. I was struggling with what I wanted run and decided, “hey, who cares how I do…why not just run a Firespray?!?” So I did!

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Why You Should Go to X-Wing Worlds!

Hello Pilots! Last November, GeekADD went to the 2016 X-Wing World Championship and it was amazing!  Now FFG has announced Worlds will take place the week of May the 4th this year and we wanna goooooo!!!! Recently, I’ve been asking people about going to Worlds and I’m feeling a lot of hesitation, which actually make…

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