Need a cheap gaming headset? Have some earbuds lying around?

Cody C’s devious plan to suck Gio and myself into XCOM2 has of course succeeded. It’s rapidly climbing to the top of my most-played list on Steam. One thing popped up though when I tried to play multiplayer with Gio; I realized I don’t have a gaming headset except for a busted PS3 earpiece. How am I supposed to brag about PWNing his noobs?

I do however have a ton of TRRS-style earbuds and some USB audio adapters lying around, and while yes the MacBook’s headphone jack supports TRRS audio in/out, my PC’s do not. A cheap and easy solution to this is to split the TRRS jack into separate in/out jacks, then if your machine still doesn’t have a mic in jack (as was the case on my wife’s laptop) then you can add a USB audio interface.

This seems like a no-brainer, but so do like every LPT on Reddit. It’s a quick way to add smack-talking ability to any computer and has remedied the necessity of voice communication while playing Mount Your Friends and Age of Empires 2, the other time-voids into which I’ve fallen recently. (Find us on Steam!)

Frankenbuds. Cheap but effective.

You can pick up the parts using these links, THANKS BRO.