A Sad Day for Triple Jumpmasters….

Triple Jumpmaster Deadeye Ruling


X-Wing’ers, prepare…to be shaken to the core!!!

I mean…well…that was going to be more dramatic, but if you’re looking this post, you’ve already seen the image on top…spoilers…I guess…damnit…c’mon Cody, dramatize better…

With the most recent version of the FAQ (current 4.2.2, but I refuse to link to it.  Look under ‘Support’ to find it) we’ve had some maaaaaajor changes to how this game is played, just in time for Worlds!  Plus, we’ll cover a few rules SNAFU’s that are common with the recently released Wave 9.

Before we get started, here are more rules posts from the beginning of this year, as well as the advent of the new flowchart.rules lawyer

Deadeye: Small Ship Only

This is pretty self-explanatory and clearly directed at Triple Jumpmasters (x3 Scouts, triple U-Boat, etc) lists.  Lots of people have been complaining about the power creep in X-Wing (JCody’s favorite phrase lately has been “Broken!”) and Triple Jumpmasters is one of the poster children of this trend.

Triple Jumpmasters

Triple Jumpmasters zooming out of the meta…

x3 Scouts relied on getting into a generalized position, focusing with little regard for a target, and shooting torpedoes at whatever came into range.  There have been two nerfs since this list came on the scene; first the R4 Agromech, then now this change to Deadeye.

Are they down and out?  Well…maybe.  At the very least, a change of tactics and disposition are required.  The EPT slot is now freed up (Crack Shot or Adaptability, anyone?) and R4 Agromech can still trigger on any attack, setting yourself up for the next turn.

Don’t discount what this ship can do!  With the white S-Loop + Barrel Roll (and possibly a focus from Glitterstim or Manaroo) you still have a good shot at getting your torpedoes off and doing damage, especially with Guidance Chips.

Still, there is a very real possibility of getting PS killed now and spamming Jumpmasters with the inability to get torps off on the first engagement isn’t quite as efficient as it used to be.  I can see one popping up in a list, and I think Bumpmasters (Adaptability/Intimidation + Intel Agent + Anti-Pursuit Lasers) have amazing potential previously overshadowed by the Deadeye variant. If only something would “happen” to Dengaroo…

Seismic Torpedo

There’s some confusion about this card, but let’s take a closer look, as all the answers are there. Seismic Torpedo is a Torpedo (as shown by the card back) but is not a secondary weapon.  Secondary weapons always have the “Attack:” header, which Seismic Torp does not have.


This card clearly has the “Action:” header.

So, Guidance Chips don’t affect it, it cannot be fired out of the Ghost’s Special Arc or outside of Nera’s arc, etc.  It is not considered an attack and is closer to Saboteur or BMST in function, as it is an action that can potentially do damage.

“Inactive” Mobile Arc

This isn’t covered directly in the FAQ, but is still important.  So, a quick rewind, an arc is an arc is an arc.  Autothrusters do not trigger while inside Auxiliary and Special arcs (unless Range 3), Fearlessness can trigger if you get behind a Ghost, even if it doesn’t have a method of firing out of it.  An arc is an arc, and mobile arc is no exception.

However…howwwwwwwwever, if we look at the Shadowcaster instructions, it makes a very clear (if not easily missed) distinction.  The base is divided up into “quadrants” not arcs.  Outside of the primary arc, if the little spinner isn’t pointing at it, it’s not an arc.

Primary and Mobile arc on the Shadowcaster

The two “quadrants” outside the mobile and primary arc do not count as “arcs”

With the Shadowcaster, if you can’t shoot out of it, then it doesn’t count as an arc.  This will affect Outmaneuver, Fearlessness, Autothrusters, R7-T1 (hah, like we’ll see him at Worlds), and the like.  I know, I know, getting reeeeeeal specific, but that’s how it’s written!

Targeting Ships Range 1 of Biggs

So, this changes things.  Because of the FAQ flowchart for how an attack begins, you get to pick your weapon before firing (I think it’s always been this way, though).  If the weapon you chose says “Attack: Target Lock” and you didn’t lock Biggs, you technically cannot fire at him.

Additionally, this would affect ships with Proton Rockets or firing munitions with Deadeye.  If Biggs is out of range (by either being too far or too close) he is, again, an illegal target.

Lastly, Dengar’s ability can target ships that are within Range 1 of Biggs.  His ability states that after he defends, he can shoot back at the attacker.  Using the Captain Kagi/Fire Control System precedent, if Biggs was not the attacker, he is not a legal target.

Quickdraw and Initiative

So, Quickdraw received a clarification about her ability triggering during combat.  Lots of people were concerned about “nested” and interrupted attacks, but now you treat it as an “After Defending…” ability.  Initiative can be important for Quickdraw; for instance, vs a Y-Wing with BTL-A4.  If Quickdraw loses a shield from the Y-Wing’s primary weapon attack and doesn’t have initiative, she’s opening herself up to the turret attack.

It would be better for Quickdraw to have initiative, so she could potentially deal a crit to the Y-Wing, like Blinded Pilot, Weapons Failure, etc.

Shooting Twice with a TIE/SF + Special Ops Training

I’m surprised this needs clarification, but it comes up a lot.  You cannot double-tap out of the primary or auxiliary arc, but you can fire once out of each.  Let’s break down the title:

“When making a primary weapon attack from your primary firing arc, you may roll an additional attack die.  If you do not…”

So, for this ability to trigger, you need to shoot out the front arc with your primary guns.  2 dice, or 3 if you’re at range 1.

“…if you do not, you may perform an attack out of your auxiliary firing arc.”

I’ve seen arguments that claim “oh, I shot out of my aux arc, which isn’t primary and didn’t roll an extra die.  I can shoot out of it again!” but this is ignoring the condition.  “When making a primary weapon attack from your primary firing arc” indicates you have an option.  It may as well say:

Shoot out of your primary arc with your primary gun.  Then:

A)Roll an extra die on that attack


B)Make a second attack out of the aux arc


Red Maneuver While Stressed + Debris Clouds (Updated)

This is another change to make the Core Rulebook (or both Rulebooks, haha) obsolete.  It’s a simple change, but since it’s so ingrained in our brains, will be difficult to relearn.

A stressed ship cannot execute red maneuvers or perform actions. If a stressed ship reveals a red maneuver (and cannot use a game effect to rotate its dial or execute a non-red maneuver instead), the owner moves the ship as if it were a white [2-forward] maneuver instead. The speed, bearing, and difficulty of this maneuver cannot be changed.

So, Hera crew (or pilot in the right configuration) lets you get around this, as well as Navigator, Inertial Dampeners, etc.  Additionally, I think the chose the 2-Forward so ships like TIE Fighters can’t use that to their advantage.  To my knowledge, there isn’t a ship that doesn’t have the 2-Forward as an available move on their dial.

Previously, if you revealed a red move while stressed, your opponent could select a move from your dial, which is now no longer a rule.  An updated clarification indicates that Nien Numb or R2 Astromech have no effect on this maneuver.

This comes about because of confusion from Tractor Beams and Cargo Tokens.  If you are forced onto a debris cloud (via a non-maneuver), you immediately take a stress and roll for damage.  If you do a maneuver over/through a debris cloud, you still take a stress after the Check Pilot Stress step, this hasn’t changed.

Wingman + Kyle Katarn

I knewwwwwww it!  “You’re over-reading it” they said!  “You’re too literal!” they said!

The ship with Wingman equipped is the ship that is removing the stress token. Therefore, a ship with Wingman and Kyle Katarn (crew) may be assigned a focus token after it removes a stress token from another friendly ship

Who’s over-reading now, suckas?!?!?!

I asked this question back in 2013 because of how much “you” mattered on upgrade cards.  Technically, the FAQ doesn’t spell out the exact situation I laid out, but if one is true, then the other must be true.  If someone with Wingman takes a stress token off of a ship with Kyle Katarn, then his ability does not trigger.

Wingman w/ Kyle onboard = Focus

Wingman on one ship & Kyle on the other = no Focus for anyone

Does this really matter?  Haha, no, not really.  I just wanted to strut and assert my dominance over a very small, trivial matter.  *GRUNTS, BEATS CHEST*

Cluster Mine Buff

Cluster Mines now have a 50/50 chance of doing damage (crit results are not positive), though are still not capable of inflicting critical damage.  This is a good change; not only does it maintain unique design space vs Proximity Mines, but it becomes little more competitive and should help Regional 2016 winners feel a bit better about themselves.

Acrylic Cluster Mines

Acrylic Cluster Mines pictured with some other 2016 Regional Prizes

Heavy Scyk Buff

Heavy Scyk Errata

Despite my comical attitude, this is change is real. The picture (currently) is not.

Wuuuuuuuuuut?!?!  Scyks are back and they’re gonna win Worlds!!!

Haha, ok, maybe not.  But please enjoy my cheap Photoshop skillz.  I think Scyks are fun to fly, but just simply can’t hang competitively.  Is additional hull + a cannon enough to pull them out of losertown?  Maybe not, but with the arrival of the Protectorate Fighter, Scyks were completely outclassed, as well as out-cheaped by Z-95’s.  Now, a Scyk has a better defensive statline that the Protectorate Fighter and is also fewer points.

Looks like we’re gonna have to buy more T.A.Ps during their next reprints to get the errata’ed cards (if you want those new Deadeyes!)



Welp, that’s all the major stuff.  Make sure you have this downloaded to your phone for Worlds!

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