About the Geeks

J. Cody Baker : Geek

Hi. I went to college. I have ADD when it comes to my hobbies and this causes great spousal grief. I will attempt to chronicle my experiences in rapidly changing interests in games/film/photography/RC/StarTrekStuff/cooking. Cooking? Yeah I guess make a decent pizza dough.


Giovanni Di Giorgio : Geek

Giovanni literally has ADHD and has learned to live with it. As a result of said ADHD, Giovanni is a dabbler: photography, writing, stencil graffiti art, boardgames, movies, & cooking.  He was born of two Sicilian immigrants but does not speak a word of Italian.  He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and is not really liking it anymore. His only claim to nerdom fame is that he competed at Nintendo’s Powerfest 94 video game competition in San Diego, Ca.


Cody Campbell : Geek

Cody went to college, but was miserable the entire time.  He has never killed a man for a Klondike Bar, but is open to the idea.  He generally has a beard and believes in Star Wars.  Board games, Star Wars action figures, guns, video games, Lana Del Rey, and Beer are things he responds positively to.  He is currently located in Pasadena, CA and considers Tim & Eric’s Spagett to be a positive role model.