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Need a cheap gaming headset? Have some earbuds lying around?

Cody C’s devious plan to suck Gio and myself into XCOM2 has of course succeeded. It’s rapidly climbing to the top of my most-played list on Steam. One thing popped up though when I tried to play multiplayer with Gio; I realized I don’t have a gaming headset except for a busted PS3 earpiece. How…

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Vivosmart HR? And awful bluetooth earbuds! A review for fitness rookies.

So fitness tracking…. it’s a thing. It’s a very big thing these days, and if you’re reading this then you probably already know that. ¬†Fitbit burst onto the scene in 2008 focusing on health and activity monitoring and made fitness tracking such a “thing” that even your iphone tracks your action stats for health monitoring.…

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Shottracker! It’s kind of cool.

I got the shottracker with app integration and workout tracking, and while it’s awesome in general it does have some drawbacks. If you’ve been curious about checking one of these out, check the video for my opinion on the matter.

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We put on our own Powerfest 94 Competition

We got our hands on a really well-made Powerfest 94 reproduction cartridge, and naturally the first thing to do was put on a friendly competition. Only, Gio had actually participated in the original Powerfest in 1994, so the pressure was real for him to finish in 1st place.

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Cody tries the HTC Vive… and Survives

Cody C finally got around to trying out the Vive, and being an unrelenting Zombie lover meant only one thing; he had to conquer the Brookhaven Experiment demo. Would it live up to the expectations? Would it be entertaining to watch? I don’t know. I never do.

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