John Madden Football (1989)

I’ve played Madden football every year since Madden 93. It’s kind of sad really when you think about it… BUT I digress. Cody C and I decided to subject ourselves to a new form of torture, and that’s playing every Madden game, from the beginning. Are they just $60 roster updates every year? Is “it” really “in the game?” How strongly¬†does Tinactin actually act? Will we get answers to any of these questions? Ever?

4th and Goal – Redesigned Cards for a little more realism

[This is a repost of an old (2013) article on another popular board game site that shall not be named. Moving here for posterity]


When I first got 1st and Goal, I thought it was a genius design. No need to refer to any charts because they’re printed on the cards themselves. The dice are optimized depending on what play you call, the clock is the offense deck of cards, magnetic football! So many things going for it; except the fact that the card combinations really made no sense realistically. Throwing a bomb against a Prevent defense shouldn’t be a guaranteed loss of yards, why couldn’t the QB dump off a pass short? It basically boiled down to randomly playing cards against each other because the type of play you selected had no strategic value.

This is my attempt to keep the core of 1st and Goal intact, but add some sort of realistic playcalling strategy to the game while keeping it fun. This game really isn’t far off from being the best football board game out there. Not necessarily the most realistic simulation, but certainly the most fun.

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OCCA #2: Super Nintendo and Setting the Bar

The RetroPie/gyrobox build had satiated my appetite for classic games only enough to fulfill the most basic of needs (Jackal, I needed it, bad. Must find¬†an NES next!), but if there was to be a brave new world free of controller delay and imperfect emulation slow-down (Yoshi’s Island!) then there was but a single solution; I must acquire an SNES.

Jackal is teh best.

Jackal. The best.

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