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Unboxing Ghostbusters The Board Game Deluxe Edition

I have a weakness for Kickstarter board games. I try to look at them like a drunken Amazon purchase with really, REALLY slow shipping that I get email updates vaguely reminding me that something is eventually coming.  Way back in March I pulled the trigger on the Ghostbusters board game.  It looks to have potential. I know some people don’t like co-op games but I needed something to get play with my girlfriend.  (She doesn’t want to play competitive games against me). Continue reading Unboxing Ghostbusters The Board Game Deluxe Edition

Organizing My Digital Life

I’ve decided to upload all of my digital photos to Google. This is turning into a much bigger undertaking than I originally intended. I feel like I am plugging my self into the Matrix and allowing Google to sort through my goodies. It feels a bit wrong but is turning out to be convenient. I’m in. Let’s do this.

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Pebble Time Steel Review Extravaganza!

Last week I finally received my Pebble Time Steel in the mail. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this for about seven months now. I had it delivered to my work office as I couldn’t risk it being stolen or lost. My hands were trembling as I opened the box. My colleague eyed me from across the room but said nothing. He knew that I had to immediately open this box and play with my new toy. The box within the shipping box looked like retail packaging. It was nice and compact. I carefully ripped the box open and powered up my new watch. I was immediately prompted to connect the watch to my smartphone. Once that finished I had to wait a few minutes while the watch searched and downloaded the latest firmware update. As the progress bar slowly moved across it’s beautiful color screen I realized that just a few years earlier I was at this very same job about to invest in something called a smartwatch…

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Too Old for this Shit

As ridiculous as it sounds, being an adult sucks. As I continue to grow older, I gain more and responsibilities. These responsibilities are piling up and are eating up most of my time. I long for the days of grade school and high school where I wasted my youth. I know what everyone is thinking right now. “Grandpa Gio won’t shut up about being old”. The funny thing is that I’m not really that old. I’m only 32. I just don’t have time to play video games anymore and it’s killing me. Continue reading Too Old for this Shit

Mr. Robot

Not the best ad but a damn good show.
Not the best ad but a damn good show.

While taking the subway in New York you get used to seeing ignoring all of the advertising that they throw up everywhere. It’s not bad enough that the cost of a subway ride is constantly going up.  There are advertisements everywhere.  I’ve seen transformations of entire subway carts aimed at getting you to use Youtube. Luckily, Mr. Robot did not go that far with their advertising. What they did put up was a somewhat rip-off of the Sega font for a title along with some relevant yet over hyped text covering the main characters face.

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