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Hey guys, remember Myspace?  Yeah, that was the last time I wrote a blog post.  Remember how you could put a “mood” on each post? And music on your front page?  My friends list was meager highly exclusive, but my posts were expertly crafted and offered rousing stimulation.  I used to get like, five or six comments per post; I don’t mean to boast, but I feel that speaks for itself.

So, of course, let’s start off with a top tier topic….








But not just any figures.  These ones are modified and custom’ed out!!!

Now, before you get too excited, I’m not creating these figures from scratch, I am simply mixing and matching existing parts to create something new.  On top of that, my interest in Star Wars has always been very…”Non-Force-y.”  I always liked the military aspect of the films, like the technology, uniforms, weapons, unit structures, etc.  As a kid, it was very engaging to try and decipher reasons for why things were the way they were.  Why do Rebel pilots get a completely different uniform if they fly a different ship?  What are all the silver things sticking out of everyone’s pockets?  Why do Sandtroopers and Stormtroopers look almost the same, but Snowtroopers are completely different?

With the toys, I wanted lots of generic troopers so I could use my imagination and figure these questions out for myself. I didn’t care about collecting Luke in 6 different outfits, I wanted a buttload of Stormtroopers, like on the box for the Millennium Falcon! (Self Editor’s Note: I think a butt can handle more than 7 Stormtroopers.  Using the word “buttload” may be a little generous in this instance.)

Falcon Box

So yeah, a buttload squad of Stormtroopers!! Isn’t that awesome?!?!  Now that you understand what my collection is like, it’s time for a few pics!  A good place to start is one of my favorites, the Rebel Fleet Trooper.

Rebel Fleet Trooper

Remember these guys?  In the film, they all manage to get blasted or captured by Stormtroopers on the Tantive IV.  The ones who didn’t can be seen scrambling around the Yavin base or standing in formation during the award ceremony.  In the lore, they are the ubiquitous Rebel Troopers, despite only appearing the first film (and briefly, at that).


This is the figure I used as a base from the 2011 Vintage Collection.  It’s a pretty awesome figure, so of course I needed a complete squad of 12 troopers.  The only issue…these guys aren’t like Stormtroopers or Scout Troopers, they have faces.  So, began the long arduous journey of buying figures that I didn’t even want to get a dozen unique heads that aren’t necessarily recognizable.  I say necessarily, because there’s a bad sculpt of Luke hidden in there, as well as a Mace Windu (but they’re different people, I swear).  Luckily, most modern figures have heads on a ball joint than can easily be “plucked” from other figures.  Though, there are several heads that had to be modified because the sockets were too small.  As the number of available heads dwindled, I even resorted to “decapitating” older figures that had great head sculpts, but weren’t socketed.  Yeah…digging out a hole in the head of an action figure isn’t weird or anything.

So, check it out.

_MG_3631 copy _MG_3636 copy _MG_3638 copy_MG_3642

I’m pretty happy with these guys…yet, found myself strangely unsatisfied.  As previously mentioned, I began imagining these guys going into battle.  With a collared shirt.  And a nice vest that’s stylish, if nothing else.  These dudes don’t seem to be very combat effective, so went through the parts bin (yes, I have a bin of dismembered action figure parts) and interwebs to see if I could use a bit of creative license and toughen them up a bit.

I found this:

Concept Troopermcquarrie-concept-rebel-trooper

He’s (technically) the same character, just the concept art version from Ralph McQuarrie.  It’s pretty awesome to see the evolution of the design, and if you ever get the time, is worth looking into for other Star Wars characters.  Anyway, here’s what I came up with:

_MG_3644 _MG_3643

I’m surprisingly happy with these guys.  Most modern figures have a swivel waist with a peg going from the legs into the torso or vice-versa.  Submerging them in hot water (like, almost boiling) softens up the plastic enough to pop them apart and squeeze them back together.  Lore wise, I feel a trooper like this is the standard “combat” uniform, while the guys in the movies are in their “dress casuals.”  Even though the troopers on the Tantive IV would have had time to “kit up” and put their armor on, they likely didn’t have such heavy weapons because their mission was “diplomatic.” Yeah…that sounds right.  </arbitraryjustifcation>

Unfortunately, these guys require a lot more parts.  They require both a regular and concept rebel trooper, another figure for the head, as well as a shitty Endor Trooper from the 2000’s to get the rifle.  I’ve only been able to acquire enough parts for five of these guys, which puts the whole team at 17 troopers.  Ugh…that number is so…prime.  Completely unsuitable for a full roster.  If I can find the components at a reasonable price, I’d love to get a sixth.

These figures are only a small portion of my entire collection.  Again, I have very few of the “heroes” and have mostly Rebel and Imperial military stuff.  Lots of it customized.  We’ll get to it eventually.  For now, please enjoy this group shot.  _MG_3647

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