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Need a cheap gaming headset? Have some earbuds lying around?

Cody C’s devious plan to suck Gio and myself into XCOM2 has of course succeeded. It’s rapidly climbing to the top of my most-played list on Steam. One thing popped up though when I tried to play multiplayer with Gio; I realized I don’t have a gaming headset except for a busted PS3 earpiece. How am I supposed to brag about PWNing his noobs? Continue reading Need a cheap gaming headset? Have some earbuds lying around?

Organizing My Digital Life

I’ve decided to upload all of my digital photos to Google. This is turning into a much bigger undertaking than I originally intended. I feel like I am plugging my self into the Matrix and allowing Google to sort through my goodies. It feels a bit wrong but is turning out to be convenient. I’m in. Let’s do this.

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Pebble Time Steel Review Extravaganza!

Last week I finally received my Pebble Time Steel in the mail. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this for about seven months now. I had it delivered to my work office as I couldn’t risk it being stolen or lost. My hands were trembling as I opened the box. My colleague eyed me from across the room but said nothing. He knew that I had to immediately open this box and play with my new toy. The box within the shipping box looked like retail packaging. It was nice and compact. I carefully ripped the box open and powered up my new watch. I was immediately prompted to connect the watch to my smartphone. Once that finished I had to wait a few minutes while the watch searched and downloaded the latest firmware update. As the progress bar slowly moved across it’s beautiful color screen I realized that just a few years earlier I was at this very same job about to invest in something called a smartwatch…

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