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Hard Lessons Learned from X-Wing 2.0

Here’s me:  A World(ish)-Class X-Wing player. I placed 28th in the 2017 World Championship and have the only set of the 2017-2018 dice in SoCal (that I know of!). I also have waaaaay more ships than anyone could ever use (we’re talking 20-ish X-Wings, even more TIEs) and have a fat binder of promo cards.…

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TIE Reaper and Saw’s Renegades!

“GeekADD? I don’t even remember those guys.” “Yeah, I heard everybody who worked on that was dead.” HAH! NOPE! Though, *cough* *cough* GeekADD’s been having a hard time lately. Too many jobs, not enough time! Such is life I suppose. Anyway, as we always do, here is the spoilers for the TIE Reaper and Saw’s…

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X-Wing Wave 13 Consolidated News and Spoilers!

Woah, wave 12 isn’t even out yet and we’re already hearing about X-Wing Wave 13?!? It looks like Wave 13 is going to be focused on ships from the Last Jedi and release sometime early in 2018.  I’ve seen some images of both of these ships already, but let’s see what FFG will offer us!…

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X-Wing Wave 12 Consolidated News and Spoilers!

X-Wing Wave 12

Guys…it…it happened.  After years of crying and moaning and screaming and begging, we got what we wanted…. G-G-G-G-GUNBOOOOOOOOOOAT!!!! Not only that, but it looks like X-Wing Wave 12 has a lot of other interesting stuff as well.  Let’s take a look!

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Some Dirty (but Legal!) X-Wing Tricks

X-Wing started out as a dogfighting game; bluff, out-position, and out-dice your opponents.  However, as more content gets pumped into the game, the design space is opening up.  This allows players to employ disruptive and unorthodox tactics that can catch their opponents off-guard. There’s really no substitute for the feeling you get when you do something…

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Cody C Brings a Firespray to the Fresno X-Wing Regional!

Hey X-Wing Players- Earlier this month, I attended the Fresno X-Wing Regional at Crazy Squirrel Games.  Last year was a great event, so I was eager to attend again. I was struggling with what I wanted run and decided, “hey, who cares how I do…why not just run a Firespray?!?” So I did!

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