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Gozanti Unbox Pt2! TIE Pilots (and a tiny bit of Wave 8)


Part Two of the Imperial Assault Carrier/Gozanti Unboxing!  This time we cover the TIE Pilots included, as well as see the fate of my damaged new ESB TIE Fighter.  Also, we squeezed in just a tiny bit of Wave 8!


4th and Goal – Redesigned Cards for a little more realism

[This is a repost of an old (2013) article on another popular board game site that shall not be named. Moving here for posterity]


When I first got 1st and Goal, I thought it was a genius design. No need to refer to any charts because they’re printed on the cards themselves. The dice are optimized depending on what play you call, the clock is the offense deck of cards, magnetic football! So many things going for it; except the fact that the card combinations really made no sense realistically. Throwing a bomb against a Prevent defense shouldn’t be a guaranteed loss of yards, why couldn’t the QB dump off a pass short? It basically boiled down to randomly playing cards against each other because the type of play you selected had no strategic value.

This is my attempt to keep the core of 1st and Goal intact, but add some sort of realistic playcalling strategy to the game while keeping it fun. This game really isn’t far off from being the best football board game out there. Not necessarily the most realistic simulation, but certainly the most fun.

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Win a Hound’s Tooth Expansion for X-Wing Miniatures!

Geek A.D.D. is having a contest! You could win a Hound’s Tooth Expansion Pack for X-Wing Miniatures! There are three easy ways to enter:

1: Find us on Facebook and “like” the post for the contest video!

2: Follow us on Instagram and “like” the post for the contest video!
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3: Comment on the YouTube rules video!

Additionally, if we get an extra 50 Subscribers to our YouTube channel, we will give away a second prize! A second lucky winner will receive: Two Black Squadron Pilot Promo Cards and two copies of Crack Shot!

Contest ends Feb 29th 2016 @ 23:59.999999 PST!

Imperial Assault Carrier (aka Gozanti) Unboxing Part One

Hey Guys-

It’s a bit of old news now, but check out this video review of the Imperial Assault Carrier (aka Gozanti Cruiser)  Part One: Unboxing and Component Review.

We lay out everything that comes with it, like the Cargo and Crew upgrades, the game changing modifications, as well as do a Deploying demo and show some of the tactical options its provides.  The Gozanti is an amazing ship.

Check out the video here!


Some X-Wing Rules you Should Know

Hey guys-

With the recent release of several new ships and upgrade cards, there have been some confusing rules to go along with it (*cough* Omega Leader *cough*).  Additionally, there have been several rules questions answered by Frank himself (Frank Brooks, essentially the “Rule Master” for X-Wing) so it will be good to keep them all in one place.  If you’re going to Store Champs, be sure you’re update on all the new interactions and keep a copy of the FAQ handy. So…without further useless commentary: Some X-Wing Rules you Should Know!

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