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Star Trek Board Game Experiment

Round 8: Fleer’s CCG Attempt

Fleer has been a sports trading card titan for a long time. Maybe not titan. When I was a kid I thought Fleer cards were crap, especially compared to Bowman and Upper Deck. At any rate, Fleer decided to jump into gaming and this Star Trek CCG was apparently thought to be a good idea…

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Round 7: Milton Bradley’s Take

I saw this in the used section at my FLGS for $10 and I bought it without hesitation. The artwork alone looked great, and when I checked out the back of the box I saw that it had a modular board. Whaaaat? Even if the game sucked at least the artwork on the board was…

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Round 6: USS Catan, Cleared for Docking

There are so many versions of Catan it’s disturbing. It could begin turning into Monopoly, except each version actually plays a little differently. When I first heard the announcement that they’d be releasing a Star Trek version I was actually really upset. Why are they doing this? What benefit could this possibly serve? Where can…

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Round 5: The Deck Builder

  -Captain, things have changed here at Starfleet Command. We’re no longer going to commission officers to ships. Instead we’re switching to a pro-sports style draft. Don’t worry, there’s no salary cap though.. -Ha, good one Admiral. When can I put in for repairs and upgrades on my crappy Constellation class ship? -Well, out there…

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Round 4: Star Trek III Super Solo 3-Pack

Ed. note: I totally butchered the rules for the Kobayashi Maru test, but I still got a good idea of gameplay. I go back and forth on whether or not I even enjoy solo gaming. For me, the draw of board games is getting a group together and interacting with each other. Solo board gaming…

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Round 3: TNG Trivia: The Same But Different

Now I didn’t WANT to play this trivia game right after the TOS trivia game. My wife recommended it. And I’ve got to say I’m glad she did, because now it’s done and out of the way and I never have to open either of these up again.

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