You Should Play XCOM 2!

Vigilo Confido, Commander!

It’s not news that you can go out and buy XCOM 2, but you might see some buzz around a recent Humble Bundle subscription deal, allowing you to literally steal the game for $12!

XCOM is definitely an unusual game, but if you can put the time in, it one of the most engaging and challenging games…well…ever! I think know you should play it.

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The Resident Evil 7 Demo Is More Than Just a Game

Hey guys-

E3 resulted in the PSN Release (sorry, everyone else!) of the Resident Evil 7 demo! After being disappointed with RE6 and the general direction the series was going, I dutifully yet skeptically downloaded it without really knowing but the title.  “We’ll see how shitty it is…”

Oh My Goodness…

After trying it out and gauging the community response…let’s just say…this isn’t a demo, this is a cultural event.

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John Madden Football (1989)

I’ve played Madden football every year since Madden 93. It’s kind of sad really when you think about it… BUT I digress. Cody C and I decided to subject ourselves to a new form of torture, and that’s playing every Madden game, from the beginning. Are they just $60 roster updates every year? Is “it” really “in the game?” How strongly does Tinactin actually act? Will we get answers to any of these questions? Ever?