Hard Lessons Learned from X-Wing 2.0

Here’s me:  A World(ish)-Class X-Wing player. I placed 28th in the 2017 World Championship and have the only set of the 2017-2018 dice in SoCal (that I know of!). I also have waaaaay more ships than anyone could ever use (we’re talking 20-ish X-Wings, even more TIEs) and have a fat binder of promo cards. I am chomping at the bit for X-Wing 2.0!

Also me: I’m a filthy casual, think Epic X-Wing is Real X-Wing, and love fudging the rules in the name of making the game “more like the movies.” I’ve been a loyal and diligent customer but have loads of unused ships because, quite honestly, I simply haven’t had a chance to use them. Now you’re telling me my pounds (literally) of cardboard are useless and if I want to keep playing I not only have to re-buy, I have to pay extra?!? X-Wing 2.0 makes me feel sick…

So…after years of jumping both sides of the line, the announcement and subsequent promotions of X-Wing Second Edition have put me in an awkward position. I love X-Wing, but do I love what this new game is? This has taught me some hard lessons I think are important to share. That, and you can see a grown man complain about a board game, so that might be entertaining in it’s own right.

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X-Wing Wave 12

Some Dirty (but Legal!) X-Wing Tricks

X-Wing started out as a dogfighting game; bluff, out-position, and out-dice your opponents.  However, as more content gets pumped into the game, the design space is opening up.  This allows players to employ disruptive and unorthodox tactics that can catch their opponents off-guard.

There’s really no substitute for the feeling you get when you do something perfectly legal that your opponent hadn’t anticipated. There are some dirty X-Wing tricks out there, and I’m going to share some of the ones I know.
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