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X-Wing Wave 7 Review Video!!


Hey guys, check out our youtube channel  to watch our review of the latest X-Wing Miniatures ships!!  See it here!

macro lenses make anything look good…

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Wave 7 Available Now!

Quick announcement!

Wave 7 is shipping and popping up in several game stores as we speak!  Get your Conner Nets and Cluster Bombs!

If you can’t get ’em from your FLGS, get ’em from Amazon!



TIE Punisher

Hound’s Tooth

Imperial Raider Unboxing (3 of 3): Storage, Comparisons, Loadouts!


Cody C takes it home with the third and final unboxing video!

The longest video yet, we cover the topics of: component review, storage, CR-90 (Tantive IV) combat comparison, and loadouts review!


Not only that, but we got some sweet, sweet macro shots to give you that closer-than-real-life perspective on the ship!  Check it out!

Also, here’s Part 1 and Part 2!!


X-Wing Imperial Raider Unboxing (1 of 3)


Join Cody C as he explores the Raider’s place in the lore, and in the subsequent videos he’ll cover strategic implementation of the Raider and the new TIE Advanced cards.

You can also pick up your own Imperial Raider from Amazon.