Girl Stormtroopers?!?! Impossible!!!

Recently, while at the Retro Gaming Expo, J Cody’s wife Sarah and I were checking out a 6″ Black Series Captain Phasma and she told me an amusing anecdote.  Their son, Everett, who hasn’t seen episode 7 yet, found out that Captain Phasma is female and freaked out!

“You can’t have girl stormtroopers, Mom, ‘cuz all stormtroopers are clones!!!”

Well, young Everett, I have something to show you…

I’d always been into Star Wars and GI Joe figures, but kinda grew out of it once I…you know, became “cool.”  But the desire never fully went away…it just sorta…lingered…

About 6 years ago, I stopped working freelance and got a steady job.  Coincidently, that put me smack dab in the middle of the era of super articulated Star Wars figures.  Steady Income…eBay…uhoh…

Long story short…well, you’ve seen my “shelf.”  My inaugural GeekADD post was about some customized Rebel Fleet Troopers if you wanna hear more about it.

Anyway…here we go…





Not only is there a girl in my Stormtrooper platoon….


Please forgive the “yellowing” on one of them. It just sorta happens with these guys…er…gals

…There are 3!!!  For comparison, I’ve put in two male troopers (“The Legacy Collection” and “The Vintage Collection” versions).


Helmets on…


…and off!



The female Stormtrooper figure is named Jes Gistang.  She comes in an exclusive 6 pack of figures from Entertainment Earth.  It came with a bunch of other Stormtroopers as well as a badass Sith Quarren, Darth Maleval.  It’s from the Star Wars Legacy comic series.


The Joker Squadron Set. Pic from


Jes Gistang

Swapping the heads is easy and can be done by hand.  The other two figures were from: Legacy Collection Ilum Padme and Black Series Toryn Farr.


Take note of the ball socketed “head”

Of course, no platoon for Stormtroopers would be complete without officers…


On the left, carved out Power of the Force Leia in Boushh disguise. Right, Legacy Collection Shira Brie. Both on Legacy Collection Juno Eclipse bodies.


I think what I did is pretty cool.  While they never appeared in the movies, women slowly creeped into the Imperial ranks throughout various comics, novels, and games as if they had been there all along.  Considering the size of the Empire, to me, it doesn’t make sense to only utilize half of your population in your military.  I mean, there’s the whole “lack of other species” thing, but we won’t get into that.

On the other hand, it does make me feel slightly…awkward.  I mean, ignoring the fact that I’m 30 year old dude dismembering and recombining action figures, it felt weird having little tiny women.  The soldiers of the Empire, especially the Stormtroopers, are supposed to be faceless and nameless.  Instead of having a name, you have a number (like TK-421) and when the enemy guns you down, someone else just like you takes your place and continues to fight.  That’s why I think it’s weird…I mean, I get it, a sharp and functional uniform is form fitting.  But, I feel like they took that idea a little far, almost to the point of sexualizing a stormtrooper.

Look at Juno/Officer body.  Juno Eclipse is a video game character and she’s smokin’ hot, but the proportions of the body are a little…unrealistic.


Juno Eclipse from The Force Unleashed

Even the stormtrooper uniform has a tapered waist, a “perkier” chest, a smaller belt, no holster, and it even looks like she is wearing underwear instead of armor.  Take a look at the comparisons below, where I put a female head on a male trooper’s body.


front back


While the female stormtrooper outfit isn’t bad, when compared with changes from the male one, some of it is a little strange and off-putting.  Even the hands are smaller and have a hard time holding larger blasters and accessories. I feel like the proportions could have been a lot closer together.

bump copy

“Good job, trooper. Pound it!”

Though, on the other hand, when I show off my Star Wars collection to people and they suddenly notice women in the Imperial ranks, there have been some priceless reactions (in a positive way!).  I guess at a 3 3/4″ scale, as well as a dearth of female combatants, it’s important that they stand out.  At least they don’t have their cleavage or midriffs exposed and the only “removable” parts are the hats and helmets.

Finding a Jes Gistang at a reasonable price, let alone at all, means you’re pretty lucky.  Finding three?!?  The planets had to align for me to pull that one off.  On top of that, finding Star Wars, or even GI Joe heads that will A) fit the neck post of the body, B) with hair that fits under the helmet and C) isn’t Leia took a ton of leg work.  Even then, I cheated and chopped the head off of a “Power of the Force 2” Leia in Boushh disguise and carved out a ball socket with a hobby knife.  The sculpt was good and didn’t really look like her, so I was cool with it.



big hair

Black Series Mara Jade and GI Joe Cover Girl heads. Not only do the heads not fit on the bodies, their hair is obnoxiously large.

So…there you go, young Everett.  Girl Stormtroopers in the flesh…er…plastic?  Given, the female troopers didn’t show up until like…over 100 years from the Battle of Yavin and now kinda don’t exist because of Episode VII, but whatever.  For those of you who collect, good luck!  While eBay is a good starting point, I’ve had the best luck of the message boards, though it took me a loooooooong time to get all these parts.

And now…more pics!






hostageThat’s it for now.  I know I promised to show more of these like…back in July ’15 and I’m just now getting around to it.  I’ll try to show off more of these troopers in the near future.



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