Goodbye, Princess…

No….no no no no…

Unfortunately it’s necessary to make this post, but GeekADD would like to honor the life of Carrie Fisher who recently passed.

Obviously, we all know the extent of Carrie’s involvement in the Star Wars Saga.  Princess Leia is a staple character and was the OG female badass of the movies.  Diplomat, fighter, commander?  Skillz.

Leia getting her boots dirty with Han and the Rebel Commandos

Leia getting her boots dirty with Han and the Rebel Commandos

Man…it’s hard writing this post.  Star Wars has always meant a lot to me.  I haven’t been doing GeekADD that long but I’ve been honoring all of the Star Wars actors I hear about passing.  It’s rough….not to compare a movie to an actual event, but I think about World War II in this sense.  I saw an article earlier in the year about a veteran marching alone in a parade because no one else in his unit is alive.  It’s actually fake, according to, but the sentiment still stands.  There’s nothing to do about it, but eventually, everyone involved with Star Wars is going to be gone.

I’ve always liked the Star Wars military stuff; for instance, I spent hours going over the various battles Red Squadron participated in.  Not official sources, just stuff in my head.  When Drewe Henley died, it hurt a lot.  I mean, I didn’t even know much about the man, but it made me feel sad and regretful.  The man who represented such an important character to me is gone and I’m not sure if he ever knew it. It’s happening over and over again, now with someone that was in the public eye like Carrie Fisher.  With Mr. Henley it was more of a solo mourning; I don’t think most people heard about it, as it wasn’t in the news much.  It’s especially tough because now I’m exposed to everyone else’s grief in addition to my own, but I suppose it’s OK.  Seeing so much grief means she was important to a lot of people and that’s worth celebrating.


Speaking of, there’s so much about Carrie that any highlighting of her life GeekADD could perform wouldn’t do justice.  She’s best known for Star Wars, but cruising her IMDB reveals she’s been in a loooooooot of stuff!  Not only that, but she’s also an accomplished writer (both officially and unofficially)!  To put it in gaming terms, she’s a force multiplier.  Adding her creative talents, star power associated with her name, or both really helped bolster the projects she was associated with.


It was my birthday when I heard about her heart attack.  It was tough to hear, but I hoped for the best.  Unstable was better than the alternative, but still not something I wanted to hear.  I was upset, but not surprised when her condition worsened.  If reports of Carrie Fisher’s passing weren’t bad enough, hearing about the passing of her mother, Debbie Reynolds, was even worse.

Carrie with her mother, Debbie Reynolds

It’s a rough time for their family and fans alike, so it’s important to stay positive.  We will get to see Carrie again in a couple of ways…MILD SPOILERS!!  if you haven’t seen Rogue One yet…wha?!?  What are you doing?!?!?!  Go see it!  She’s….sorta in it!  It brings up another argument about likeness in films without the actual performer, but that’s a whole another story.  We’ll also get the opportunity to see her on screen again for Episode VIII, at least according to this article from IGN.

Additionally, I keep seeing a pair of photos popping up that I wanted to share here:carriex2

They’re pretty cool images, but I’m hesitant to say “definitive” because there was so much more to her than a pretty face.  Either way, they are important images for a lot of people.  Based on other behind the scenes pictures, she seemed to be fun loving and playful.  This article from The Guardian has a great tribute to her with a series of images throughout her life.

May the Force be with you, Princess!

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