LEGO Dimensions and HI-C ECTO Cooler, at the 99c Only Store RIGHT NOW!!!

LEGO Dimensions…a really awesome toy/video game combo….

Hi-C Ecto Cooler, an awesome Ghostbusters themed drink found in almost any bagged lunch from the early 90s….

Both are available now at your local 99c Only Store!! Go, go now!!!!

Yes, fellow geeks, you heard right!

LEGO Dimensions packs and Hi-C Ecto Cooler is now available (probably for a limited time?).

LEGO Dimensions

Following a hot tip from our homie Travis, we decided to swing by the ol’ 99c Only Store to see what we could score.  LEGO Dimensions packs are pretty expensive, anywhere between $10-30 depending on what type of pack you get, so any opportunity to get them for cheap is worth exploring.  Well, as we entered the store, we made a bee-line for the toy aisle and on the way we found…

A suspiciously small pile of LEGO Dimensions

A suspiciously small pile of LEGO Dimension packs next to a half-eaten Milky Way bar…



Were we too late?  Was this too good of a deal? I mean, why are they sitting next to a pile of paper towels and on top of some water jugs?  These…these are proof, but they were clearly discarded.  If these packs were discarded, then the bounty…there MUST be more!!!

A few frantic seconds later and….

An entire shelf of discounted LEGO Dimensions packs

F’ing Jackpot!!!



Man, such glory.  Even at stores like Target and what not, I’ve never seen such a bounty.  We found:

  • Simpsons (Bart) Fun Pack
  • LEGO Movie (Bad Cop) Fun Pack
  • LEGO Movie (Emmett) Fun Pack
  • LEGO Movie (Unikitty) Fun Pack
  • Chima (Cragger) Fun Pack
  • Lord of the Rings (Golem) Fun Pack
  • Ninjago Team Pack
  • Simpsons Level Pack
  • Portal 2 Level Pack

If you were to buy LEGO Dimensions right now, then stop by your 99c store, you could get over $100 worth of packs for super cheap. Not only that, but the best part is…

99.99 cents for Lego Packs!

Receipt for LEGO Dimensions packs

Yup…it’s all $1 a piece (well, technically $0.99.99)!!  Despite, ya know, fun packs being about $12 full retail while level packs are almost $30 and team packs are somewhere in between.  Even getting some fun packs on clearance at Target aren’t even this cheap.  You might even be a LEGO fan and HATE HATE HATE LEGO Dimensions and this is STILL a smokin’ deal!  Getting Bart Simpson minifig (the shorthand for a LEGO figure) would probably cost you somewhere between 3 and 5 on the secondary market, so it’s steal even if you throw the video game parts away and just keep the bricks.

I’m surprised it’s so cheap.  A while back, 99c Only stores had the awesome board game Loopin’ Chewie in stock for the amazing price of $3.99 each.

Poop emoji wrapping paper, Belly Flops, and Loopin' Chewie

A 99c Only Store Haul from a few months back.

I mean, it’s the 99 cent ONLY store, so clearly this was four times more expensive than it should have been and I was happy to pay it.  So happy that I paid it 5 times, haha.  Anyway, based on that logic, I was expecting pack to be priced differently and land somewhere in the $5-10 range.  $1 a piece is, again, a steal!

Hi-C Ecto Cooler

After basking in the glory of so many cheap LEGOs, we grabbed an armload and made our way to the checkout line.  However…we were delayed by something equally glorious….

A stack of Ecto Cooler cans

Does that say…


NO!!!!!  OMG NO WAY!!!!  WHAT?!?!?!

Ecto Cooler?!?!?! I haven’t had that since I was a kid!!!!

For those of you who haven’t partaken in the delight of a tiny yellow cardboard juice box (featuring a cartoon Slimer) containing deliciously brewed “citrus drink”, well…I feel sorry for you…

Unfortunately, a second round of aggressive reconnaissance did not yield any juice boxes of Ecto Cooler, which is the preferred method of consumption.  These cans would just simply have to do.  So, adding up the price of this haul (because I can’t just buy one can), I decided to double check how much they were.

Ecto Coolers for 20 cents a piece!

LOL…what?!?! 20 cents a piece?  You can’t even get cheap shitty bottles of water for that cheap!! So, of course, I picked up a few more than I intended to and made my way home.  Skeptical, but curious, I rushed home (but not before checking out the LEGOs at another 99c Store, haha) and chilled a can.  When it was the correct temperature, I partook.

It was……

DELICIOUS!!!  Wow…such a tidal wave of nostalgic memories hit me with each gulp.  I mean, I kinda missed gripping the box and drinking out of a cheap plastic straw, but a chilled can was adequate.  But then I was curious…what does it look like?  I’ve never seen it! It’s always been in solid opaque containers. There’s some pictures of mandarin oranges on the side, so I assumed it would be some sort of…dirty dishwater, kinda orange but not really color. Kinda like watered down grapefruit juice, but not the ruby red kind.  Anyway, I was completely wrong…

A can of ecto cooler poured in a glass

Wow!  Toxic Waste Green?!?!  I mean, that makes sense…it’s supposed to be slime, after all. But I didn’t expect it to be that vibrant, especially because it’s never visible in the container.  But damn, it’s so green it even gives Surge a run for it’s money

A can of Surge soda poured into a glass.

Cody C acquired a can of Surge during the Fresno X-Wing Regional of 2016.

I’m pretty sure they’re the same color, the opaqueness of the Ecto Cooler is simply due to the density of the sugar content.  Haha, seriously, you can see it floating around in the top of it.  No wonder I was always such a hyper fat kid, haha.

Anyway, I had a real shitty day and this was a nice distraction.  Hope you guys are doing ok…if you end up feeling down, have yourself a Ecto Cooler!