Mynock Open 2018 – Experimental Table – All Rounds Video

It was a good day for X-Wing. We had a blast running the “experimental table” at the Mynock Open. We wanted to try some presentation elements that I don’t see very often in gaming live streams so we called in a couple favors and built a fun little rig. There will be a future post covering the rig itself and some of the extra interstitials that we produced for the stream, but for now here are the game-only rounds that went live.

Round 1 – Bryant Francis vs David Wong
Round 2 – Adrian Quinn vs Robert Whang
Round 3 – Steven Gonzales vs Chris Allen
Round 4 – Brett Scott vs Carson Hopper
Round 5 – Matt Bartel vs Michael Ramirez
Round 6 – Alec Kozak vs Dean Pollard

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