Mynock Open 2018 Stream Upcoming!!

Geeks and Mynocks!!!

GeekADD has been pretty quiet for a while, but we’ve got something very special planned for Nov 3, 2018.

We’re streaming the Mynock Open!!!

That’s right, guys! We might not be the most well-known source of X-Wing info out there, but we’re pulling out all the stops and putting in an unsustainable amount of effort into making sure YOU see the Mynock Open the way it was meant to be seen!

Well…I mean…it was meant to be seen in person…but next best thing!!

First and foremost, I want to rep the Gold Squadron Podcast, which will be the primary stream for the Open. The unshakeable pillar of the X-Wing Community, Diòn Morales himself will be in attendance and streaming the top table. He will also be joined by members of the Mynock Squadron Podcast, so be ready for some expert-level commentary!

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s the GeekADD stream with commentary by me, Cody C! Now, you might be thinking “Oh…cool…man. I can’t wait…I guess…um….who are you?” Haha, that’s ok! I’ve got a full team of Geeks at my disposal ready to bring you lots of extras, like interviews from the Mynocks themselves, multiple table angles, event coverage, live interviews with players, instant replays, and a clean graphical interface!

More info to come!

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