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Hey guys, just watched a live stream of Fantasy Flight Game’s presentation at GenCon and they announced several ships!!  We’ve got a new Imperial Huge ship, as well as Wave 8!


The list consists of:

Imperial Assault Carrier (aka Gozanti Cruiser) 


photo credit: The Dice Tower


Mist Hunter, Punishing One, Inquisitor’s TIE, andThe Ghost (and Phantom!)


photo credit: The Dice Tower

So, we’ve got Star Wars: Rebels making a strong showing, as well as a pair of Bounty Hunter ships from Empire Strikes Back.  It sounds like early 2016 is the expected release date, though during the stream, late November or December was mentioned as an optimistic release date.  Very little information was revealed about what the in-game ships would be like, but here’s some lore about each ship:

Imperial Assault Carrier (aka Gozanti Cruiser):

This ship existed in the EU before Rebels came out and was always listed as a prime candidate for the Imperial Huge ship for epic play.  Lots of players, somewhat disappointed with the Raider, will now be most pleased.  This seems to be a counterpart to the Rebel GR-75 Transport, though, the Assault Carrier seems to have firing arcs.  Most notably, however, is the ability for TIE’s to dock with this ship, and not just in the lore.  It was confirmed that the TIE Fighter models can physically dock with this model, and it will likely have a ruleset for launching.  Considering this ship has a presence in multiple sources and existed during the Clone Wars, the one we’re getting is likely to be considered an Imperial refit (hence the classification as Imperial Assault Carrier instead of Gozanti).

EDIT: It appears to Gozanti also comes with at least 4 new TIE Fighter pilots, which might be nice boost to the ship in the competitive meta.  One TIE, nicknamed “Scourge,” can roll an extra attack die against ships with damage cards, which seems incredibly useful and basically turns into, as far as I know, the cheapest way of getting a 3-Attack ship on the board.

Pre-Clone Wars, Pre-Rebellion version of the Gozanti.


Mist Hunter/G-1A Star Fighter:Mist_Hunter_-_SWGTCG

4LOM and Zuckuss from Empire Strikes Back

This ship is piloted by Zukuss, our favorite Gand bounter hunter from ESB.  Partners with the droid 4LOM, the two will most likely be both pilot and crew options for the ship.  The G-1A is fairly straightforward as a starfighter; it will likely have access to Crew and Illicit upgrade slots, but it doesn’t seem to have any special tricks or gimmicks to port into the game.  However, upon closer inspection of the promotional pictures, a cloak token does seem to be included, as shown here.  In X-Wing, it will be a small based ship.

EDIT: This ship’s stat-line is 3 Attack, 1 Agility, 4 Shields, and 4 Hull.  Most notably, is the addition of the Cloaking Device and Tractor Beam cards.  While it is unknown what a tractor beam actually does in the game, cloaking device seems exceptionally game changing.  As an Illicit upgrade, it allows you perform a free Cloak action, but doesn’t seem to be as stable as a cloaked TIE Phantom (which I guess we need to make sure to specify now).  If you end a round cloaked, you have a 2/8 chance (the number of focus results on an Attack die) of losing the upgrade.  Risky, but imagine the possibilities.  Cloaked Z-95’s, HWK’s, or even a Virago Starviper (5 evade dice!!!).

Punishing One/Jumpmaster 5000:



Dengar pictured with IG88 and Boba Fett

The Punishing One belongs to Dengar, the bandaged up human wearing rusted out sandtrooper/snowtrooper armor.  The ship design is asymmetrical, similar to the Millennium Falcon, but with a “chunk” missing out of the middle.  Considering that the Jumpmaster is somewhat of a luxury/advanced vessel, it may have the Sensor upgrade slot. It does have a turret, so this may either manifest as a Primary Weapon that can shoot outside of it’s arc, or as a Turret Secondary Weapon upgrade card.  Dengar’s ship, the Punishing One, may have the ability to take Salvaged Astromechs (as a title?  maybe?) as he uses one as a gunner in the lore.  X-Wing will depict it as a large based ship for the game.

EDIT: So, the Jumpmaster gets a native Salvaged Astromech slot (the title offering an additional attack die) with a stat-line of 2 Attack, 2 Agility, 4 Shields and, 5 Hull with a native turret Primary Weapon.

Inquisitor’s TIE/TIE Advanced v1:



This, to me, seems to be a bit of a strange choice, but I suppose it complements well with The Ghost.  A precursor to the TIE Advanced (or the x1 version we’re getting with the Raider), this had a similar armament (chin lasers, missiles) but also an S-Foil type capability where the wings could be folded.  It appears to also have armored plating instead of solar panels.  The Inquisitor himself is Force-sensitive, so I believe we can expect some special abilities akin to Vader’s native double actions.  From a X-Wing design standpoint, the TIE Advanced was generally considered one of the worst ships in the game and received a very heavy-handed upgrade with the Raider.  I’m curious if it will have a similar stat-line to the Advanced, or if they will incorporate some of the boosts from the Raider into this ship natively.

EDIT: This ship has a statline of 2 Attack, 3 Agility, 2 Shields, and 2 Hull and is billed as “TIE Advanced Prototype.”  It does seem to be slightly cheaper than regular TIE Advanced, but sports a Boost action instead of an Evade.  It seems like the real value might be with the named pilots, since the Inquisitor gets to treat every Primary Weapon attack like it’s Range 1.  So…he always gets three attack die and if we get any EPT’s that jive with Range 1 attacks…watch out!

The Ghost & Phantom/VCX-100 & Auxillary Starfighter:



Any one who as seen Star Wars: Rebels will be familiar with these two ships.  Similar to the Millennium Falcon, the VCX-100 is a light freighter and can accommodate several passengers for long periods of time.  It will likely have a Primary Weapon able to shoot outside of it’s firing arc, as well as several crew slots.  Of course, we’re sure to get a slew of additional cards.  The interesting thing, however, will be the inclusion of The Phantom, a small auxiliary shuttle than can be deployed from The Ghost.  During the presentation, it was mentioned that this, indeed, is a game mechanic that allows The Phantom to be launched, though the specifics were not mentioned.  It is considered a large based ship in X-Wing.

EDIT: Wow…the second ship in the game to get a 4 attack dice Primary Weapon Attack!  The Stat-line is 4 Attack, 0 Agility, 6 Shields and 10 Hull.  Additionally, if you roll with the Phantom in your squad, you’ll be able to make Primary Weapon attacks out of your auxiliary arc, which, yes, I’m afraid that also mean no Primary Weapon turret.  This seems like it’s built like a Decimator with slight tweaks, though does seem to be somewhat cheaper.  The most expensive Ghost pilot clocks in at 40 points, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

The big thing for this wave (while the Assault Carrier isn’t technically Wave 8) seems to be deployment rules.  Along with the Hound’s Tooth/YV-666 ship we’re getting in Wave 7, this will bring the count of ships that can deploy smaller ships up to three.  Another fun thing to see will be the new art on the Pilot and Upgrade cards; there seems to be a dearth of content regarding the Mist Hunter and Punishing One, and considering the Assault Carrier, TIE Advanced v1, and The Ghost are all in an unrealistic art style, I’m excited to see how they are represented in a realistic style.

Product pictures are from the Twitter feed of The Dice Tower and Fantasy Flight Games

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