Pi and the Mandelbrot Set: A pre-Craigslist lost connection

Almost everyone knows Pi as the most well-known and fascinating number. It exists seemingly everywhere and can explain everything from the meaning of life to how long a Celeste pizza should be baked. 

Far fewer people have experienced the Mandelbrot Set (and it’s relation to Pi), which is a set of numbers which visually acts as a sort of boundary. Without going into too much detail about math which I do not fully understand, it’s most relevant to this post to mention that the Mandelbrot Set is one of the best known examples of mathematical visualization, which means it’s a great sequence to run on a computer and watch the results unfold. 

Some visual examples (via skytopia.com):

But what I REALLY wanted to share, is this fascinating explanation of how Pi can rear it’s Pi-shaped head in every little area of reality, including in the Mandelbrot Set.
Watch this cool video via Numberphile to experience knowledge falling on your dome.

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