Proof Cody C is a Real Person! (SoCal X-Wing, Mynock Squadron)

So far, you could make the argument that I (Cody C) am not a real person, or at the very least, one that interacts with real people.

 I’ve only appeared solo in all my posts and vid’s (save for a set of arms in the first Raider video, which could have easily been CG).  This is a hotly contested subject on a uh…different…website.

However, proof!  Real proof!

Here’s me playing in a SoCal X-Wing Championships Qualifier !!

And here’s the Mynock Squadron Podcast, an awesome X-Wing discussion for both new and veteran members alike!  Ryan Farmer and Dee Yun share their expertise!

Spoiler Alert!  I lose in both, but hey, at least I’m rubbing elbows with some top-tier players!

Special Thanks to:

Max Gingold for spending your own time to document the matches.

Michael McDowell for letting me blast ONE of your ships =)

Dee Yun for…well…I will have my revenge! >=)

and Ryan Farmer for putting together the Podcast!