Rocket League might be the most awesomest game of 2015

I resisted buying into the whole Playstation Plus thing for a long time because I’ve always hated the pay-to-play model on consoles. I ended up buying a year long subscription only because the idea of monthly free games seemed like a good deal, and for the last 6 months or so I’d say it really hadn’t been that good of a deal… until last week.

Rocket League is out and free on PS4 for PS+ members, and my god it’s amazing. I mainly play sports games with deep franchise modes and it does get tiring after awhile. Rocket League is like an ADD-friendly hypercharged version of soccer with customizable vehicles doing the running around for you. The premise is basically that; your team is comprised of 1 to 4 vehicles going up against another team of 1 to 4 vehicles driving around trying to hit this giant ball into a giant goal. It sounds ridiculous, and it is, ridiculously amazing.

It’s so intuitive that I didn’t even need to look up the controls. They are all easily determined, with the main controls being accelerator/brake, “powerslide” (handbrake), jump and speed boost. It’s very arcade like, but unlike a sports arcade game like NBA Jam I never feel like the computer is playing catch up or that I’m being punished for playing too well. Rocket League is at it’s core a physics-based game of 3D pong, except your pong paddle is selected from a garage full of cars and trucks that allow you to lightheartedly customize down to exhaust color and antenna ball.

It’s cross-platform multiplayer capable, which is something I really appreciated back on Portal 2 and with the max player count being 4-on-4 you are always involved in the action. Even local split-screen is fun and you of course have the option of playing co-op or competitively, while still earning achievements and unlocks for your vehicle. My favorite of course if the addition of a customizable full-season mode, which you can play with another player locally in order to fulfill your promise to “wreck the league” both literally and figuratively.

The graphics are actually really pleasing, a sure upgrade from the prequel to this game. The physics certainly seem accurate enough, the only problem being that sometimes you’re moving so quickly that you have a hard time getting a read on where you are in relation to the ball. Fortunately there’s a button mapped that allows you to toggle camera locking on the ball, which I find myself toggling on and off pretty frequently in order to maintain visual contact while racing to get back into position. I’d never even heard of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars but with Rocket League being this good I don’t see the need to go back and try it.

I could go on, but really for only $20 just buy the game. I got it free on PS+, but I’d gladly pay the $20 if I decided to not re-up on PS+ and I’m even considering picking up another copy to get a 4-player LAN party going.


  • Cheap
  • Easy barrier of entry


  • You can’t customize EVERYTHING
  • There’s DLC coming already $$$ *sad-pockets*


From the publisher:

Rocket League is the successor to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars! Take matters into your own hands in this visceral, high-octane, physics-based vehicle sports game that lets you choose one of a variety of high-flying cars equipped with huge rocket boosters. Soar high into the air to score amazing aerial goals, perform incredible saves using the vehicles’ acrobatic abilities, and even demolish enemy players at supersonic speeds! Notable Changes from SARPBC:

  • Major visual upgrade
  • Single-player Season mode
  • Car customization
  • Online and Local Splitscreen Multiplayer
  • Unlockable Vehicles, Arenas, and Customization Items
  • Dedicated gameplay servers
  • Broadcast-quality replay editor
  • Regular updates and content/ feature drops
  • Much, much more!
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