Salooncab gets the power turned on

One last look-over before the monitor goes into place. Once the screen is installed it’ll be nearly impossible to adjust anything without removing the monitor again. Because of my *cough*excellent measurements, theres VERY little clearance between the back of the cab and the backside of the monitor mount to even fit the screws into the holes. I really don’t want to have to take the monitor out again.

This image also shows some of the other compromises I made. I was forced to go down to a single hard drive. Which isn’t a huge deal, but MAME itself with all the CHDs is quite large and I was hoping to get some other ROM collections on there. Looks like no PS1/2 on this machine. The hard drive also barely fits along the back wall, secured with some angle brackets that I blindly screwed into the cab surface.

Marquee lighting is secured to the back wall. I have a 4th marquee light that I was planning on using as a separate indicator for my marquee artwork. Like a “access granted” light. But I’ve been brainstorming and I can’t come up with a good way of masking light from this LED from the rest of the marquee. I may have to come back to this one.

Insignia lights are in and are backed off from the sides as far as I could, accounting for all the other cabling mess and light spill that these lights will cause.

There are many things left to do, but for now it’s time to POWER UP.  

So… it’s working. And the best advice I can give to anyone building one of these, NEVER get the games running before you’re done with construction.

Okay can’t talk at the moment too busy playing games.


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