Some X-Wing Rules You Probably Screw Up

Hey Pilots!

At this point in X-Wing’s lifespan, when new releases come out, the rules are going to become increasingly complicated.  With every ship having new upgrades and pilot abilities, it is simply unavoidable.  But even if you’re a ” l33t roolz expurt!” it’s tough to remember all the little interactions.  Hence, the following….

In the most recent FAQ (you can read it by clicking on the chart below) they released a new timing sequence for performing an attack.  With all the madness that is “performing an attack twice” “after attacking/after defending”…yeesh.  They cleaned things up a bit, which you can see below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 3.43.55 PM

So, with these new changes some a whole new slew of rules interactions.  We’ll get into some of that, as well as bring up some others, old and new.

R4 Agromech and Deadeye

A biggun’ in the recent update.  When you spend the focus, there technically isn’t a “defender” to acquire a lock on yet, so R4 and Deadeye no longer synergize.  Same issue with Blaster Turret.

If you’re rolling dice and have a focus, you can still spend it to change 0 results for the TL.  For instance, if you roll Blank Blank Focus, you can spend the focus token to change 1 result, immediately get a TL, then spend that to reroll the blanks.  Hopefully, you don’t roll more focuses 😉

Dengar’s Ability

This one has always been a mess, but the recent FAQ updated clarified things a bit.

Dengar must have the target in arc to trigger his ability.  See the FAQ entry for “Inside Firing Arc at Range X” as this can be a situation of being in arc at Range 2, but attacking at Range 1.

Dengar cannot interrupt TLT or “Perform this attack twice” effects.

Dengar cannot interrupt Vader crew, Turr Phenirr, Valen Rudor, etc.  Very importantly, he cannot interrupt Advanced Cloaking Device.

Dengar CAN interrupt a Gunner or IG88B attack IF he has initiative.

If Dengar is killed, his ability can trigger before he is removed from the board.  All damage cards still apply, however, so if you go for the kill while in his arc, hope for a Blinded Pilot crit ;).

Manaroo’s Ability

Read closely, if she gives one of her tokens away, she gives ALL her (applicable) tokens away, including enemy Target Locks.  She also can’t spread the love to multiple ships, so if you see anyone try that, punch ’em!

Spending the Multiple Tokens for the Same Thing

Nope.  Have multiple evade tokens and roll blanks?  You’re only going to be able to use one token per attack.  Same goes for any token, if you have multiple you can’t spend multiple to do the same thing.  Now if they are for different purposes, like Redline spending a TL to fire ordnance and then using another to modify his dice, that’s legit.

Normally, I don’t think these situations come up very often, but I guess you could get multiple evades from Lando crew or have a Recon Specialist & R4 Agromech situation (spend focus, get TL, reroll blanks, spend focus again) that this rule prevents.

I think technically this falls under the “once per opportunity” rule.

Perform This Attack Twice =/= After Attacking/Defending

These are two separate timing windows, as clarified by the newest FAQ.  “Perform this attack twice” happens before “after attacking/after defending” and has a lot of implications.  I’m not going to get into all of them here, as individual cases are more specific, like the FCS example below.

Fire Control System and Multiple Attacks

We’ve probably all had a good handle on FCS for a while, but now the card works differently.

Basically, if you “perform this attack twice” it doesn’t trigger until both are completed.  However, if you make two separate attacks, it triggers after each.

For instance, attacking with a TLT goes: TLT (a), TLT (b), FCS

Attacking with Gunner goes: Attack (and miss), FCS, Attack, FCS

Boba Fett Crew and “Dealing”

Boba Fett is exceptionally simple.  Did you receive a Face-up Damage Card from this attack at any time?  Y or N?  True/False?

He doesn’t care what happens to it…if you’re Chewbacca (pilot), have Determination, Salvaged Astromech, or have some other anti-crit ability, it doesn’t matter.  You still had to be dealt the card for these abilities to trigger, and that’s all Boba cares about.  I think the only way out of Boba triggering is the following situation:

Shieldless Rebel ship with Chewbacca Crew is about to suffer a Hit and a Crit result to the hull.  The first (facedown) damage card is dealt, Chewbacca triggers, a shield is gained, and the Crit hits the shield.  Thus, no face-up card was dealt.

Keep in mind, Boba triggers after the attack was resolved, so he can’t, for instance, remove Determination before it triggers, but he can do it after so more crits get through on the next turn.

VCX-100 and it’s Special Arc

So, the VCX-100 can fire torpedoes out of the special arc or make primary attacks out of it if the Ghost & Phantom titles are equipped.  But, even if you didn’t bring torps or have a docked shuttle, that arc still matters.  IT IS STILL AN ARC!  Let’s say you have a Twin Laser Turret with Tactician and Soontir with Autothrusters is within your Special Arc at Range 2.  Not only will his Autothrusters fail (in arc within Range 1-2), but he will also be dealt a stress token!  With new the rule change, Tactician will NOT trigger for both TLT shots, though.  If our old friend Backstabber (haha, miss you bud) shows up, that arc also nerf’s his ability.  And…heaven forbid you bring Zeb crew without any turrets or method of firing out of that arc…if someone bumps into your backside, they can attack you without any reciprocity!

Soontir Fel and Stress

An old one, but still comes up.  Did Soontir receive a stress token?  Yes?  Give him a focus.  Is he already stressed?  Irrelevant.  The way his ability is worded, every time he gets a stress token, he also get a focus token.  While getting multiple stress tokens is pretty bad, Soontir can deal with it a tiny bit better than other ships.

On the flip side, if something prevents him from getting a stress (Captain Yorr, for instance), his ability doesn’t trigger.  No stress?  No token!

Debris Tokens and Actions

Unlike when landing on Asteroids, you do not skip your Perform Action Step, but you do immediately receive a Stress token after completing your maneuver.  90% of the time there’s no difference.  However…if that stress token were to disappear (via Captain Yorr, Electric Baffle, Porkins, or something else) you could perform an action without issue.  Now, you can’t boost or barrel roll across obstacles, so you can only do these as long as the template isn’t touching the debris token, but without that Stress you’re free to do any action you please.

Now, the flip side to this is if you perform another maneuver via an action (like Daredevil) and the template overlaps, you again have to suffer the effects of overlapping the token, so be careful if you’re ever in that situation.

Sure, this is an extreme corner case, but hey, this is the kind of stuff you need to know if you wanna get “next level” and whatnot.

0 Agility, Raising/Lowering Agility, and Range 3 Bonus

This one gets messed up a lot.  Now that Tractor Beam and TIE/D are out, we could see this in play more often.  Firstly, when calculating agility, don’t forget that the “minimum of 0” is ignored until all calculations are complete.  Let’s say you are piloting a YT-1300 and an enemy ship overlapping you is equipped with Intimidation.  You also have a Structural Damage Crit and you’ve just popped Countermeasures.  That places you firmly at 0 agility.

Native Agility= 1

-1 for Structural Damage = 0

-1 for Intimidation = -1

+1 for Countermeasures = 0

However, let’s say you’re piloting a VT-49 Decimator and you’ve been hit with a Tractor Beam token.  Then, an enemy ship with Outmaneuver attacks you from outside of your arc at Range 3.

Native Agility = 0

-1 for Tractor Beam = -1

-1 for Outmaneuver = -2

Minimum of 0 Rule = 0

Range Bonus = 0 Agility + 1 Defense Die

So…the range bonus gets confusing because it doesn’t adjust your agility value at all, it simply adds another defense die to your roll.  It’s important to make that distinction, as the rules clearly state that you roll another die, not add 1 to your agility value.  Same applies for obstructed attacks.

Adding or Changing Results and Modifying those Results

There are several things that add results to your roll, like C3PO and now Norra Wexley’s upcoming ability.  Now, it’s important to look at timing windows here, as these results can be modified in different ways.

For C3PO, he triggers before you make any modifications.  Guess correctly, and you’re essentially placing an extra die on the table with an evade result.  This pleases Zuckuss crew very much….yes…or anyone equipped with Juke for that matter, as your opponent hasn’t had to opportunity to modify (aka superbone) your defense dice yet.  yeah…3PO really ain’t what he used to be…

Autothrusters are immune to this, as the timing window is different. You’re changing the result during your modification step and it’s too late for your opponent to try and superbone you.  Unless, you know…Crack Shot or Wampa, which occur during the “compare results” step.

In Norra’s case it is similar, the opponent can’t modify her focus result, but there are a lot of timing windows to consider, here.  Let’s say she had C3PO, a focus token, and a TL on the attacker… she guesses 0 (correctly), gets an evade result, which then gets Juke’d to a focus, she can spend her TL to get another focus result, then spend the focus token to get two evades.

There are ton of examples…the important thing here is to be clear on the timing windows; you roll dice, opponent modifies, you modify, compare results.  If the card doesn’t say when to do something, it’s most likely during your chance to modify a roll.

TIE/x7, Stress, and Overlapping

A ship equipped with TIE/x7 title does not need an action to receive the free evade token.  The card specifically states the ship gets an evade token, so even if you bump or are stressed, you get it.  Conversely, you cannot PTL off of the evade, so don’t try it!

Push the Limit =/= Experimental Interface

Yes, they effectively do the same thing, but look closely.

Push the Limit: blah blah Action from your action bar.

Experimental Interface: blah blah Action from an upgrade card with the “Action:” header.

So no Target Lock/Focus with EI, no double Gonk’ing with PTL.

This one gets screwed up a lot, but don’t get too overzealous in enforcing it.  Engine Upgrade, for instance, is an upgrade card that adds Boost to your action bar, which is eligible for PTL.  Also, you can perform the Damage card actions using EI.  Both are legitimate uses so don’t be a stupid dummy and look closely at the cards!

Tomax Bren, Boba Fett Crew, Cluster Missiles, and Crack Shot

Tomax Bren CAN spend his Crack Shot on both attacks when using Cluster Missiles.  However, his ability states “once per round” so if you use it on each attack, the second attack discards it permanently.

Boba Fett crew can also mess with Tomax.  If Tomax has attacked and used the card, Boba Fett can force him to discard it permanently.  If Tomax hasn’t used it, Boba Fett can force him to use the ability and a subsequent use this round would mean it gets discarded permanently (though that’s a big waste of Boba Fett in my opinion).

R5-P8 and Crit Results

Easy to get screwed up because visually, you see a crit and obstacles and bombs have trained you to treat it as a crit.  But read the card again, R5-P8 causes both ships involved in the attack to take damage.  It is impossible to issue a crit unless you’ve been hit with Major Hull Breach and have no shields.

Attack Values for Final Salvo

Keep in mind, if you find yourself in a situation where you and your opponent have both killed each other, you enter final salvo!  Much Excite!  Dengar vs Rear Admiral Chiraneau for a 3 on 3 battle!

Well…no, because Dengar’s printed attack value is 2, not 3.  3 comes from the Punishing One title card.  Keep this in mind and make sure to double check whenever performing a final salvo!


That’s all I’ve got for now, but hopefully this improves your understanding the X-Wing rules.  Thanks for checking us out!

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