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An Epic X-Wing Game and an Epic Story

Hello Pilots!

While X-Wing is dominated by the 100-Point Tournament format, I always like to make time for the occasional Epic match.  My usual partner, John D, coerced me out of hiding to come down to Game Empire for a 300v300 point game.

Turns out, it was quite the “epic” game indeed and makes for a fun little story.  Below will be a play-by-play, as well as a short narrative of the dogfight from an in-universe perspective.  Haha, cheesy I know, but hey, isn’t that the whole point?

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X-Wing Scum Epic Ship: C-ROC is SWX58!

[Begin Transmission]:::

[ZeroKewl]: so have u found SWX-58 yet?

[AcidSinge]: nah haven’t found it yet

[ZeroKewl]: ZMoGWTF?!? ur posta be this l33t haxorz? X-Wing Miniatures releases skipped SKU Number “SWX-58!”  I gotta kno wut it is!

[AcidSinge]: FFG security super tight, brah.  Cant bust it even on this 28.8 bps!

[ZeroKewl]: Bro dawg…dawg…dawg bro, i need 2 kno!

[AcidSinge]: Hold up…no way…check this out!

[Zero Kewl]:…..EPIC!!!!!!!

Epic is right, sukkas!  FFG dropped a new preview article and it’s an Epic Ship for the Scum and Villainy faction!!  Check it out below!

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Imperial Raider Unboxing (3 of 3): Storage, Comparisons, Loadouts!

Cody C takes it home with the third and final unboxing video!

The longest video yet, we cover the topics of: component review, storage, CR-90 (Tantive IV) combat comparison, and loadouts review!


Not only that, but we got some sweet, sweet macro shots to give you that closer-than-real-life perspective on the ship!  Check it out!

Also, here’s Part 1 and Part 2!!