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X-Wing Wave 13 Consolidated News and Spoilers!

Woah, wave 12 isn’t even out yet and we’re already hearing about X-Wing Wave 13?!? It looks like Wave 13 is going to be focused on ships from the Last Jedi and release sometime early in 2018.¬† I’ve seen some images of both of these ships already, but let’s see what FFG will offer us!…

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X-Wing Wave 10 Consolidated News and Spoilers!

RELEASE DATE: 2/2/17!!!! Wave 9 is barely in the hands of you scummy GenCon attendees, and now we have a new announcement for X-Wing Wave 10!!! ¬†Sabine’s TIE Fighter, Kylo Ren’s Uplison-Class Shuttle, and the Quadjumpa! (yeah, it’s Quadjumper, but I’m trying out my Rey impression, OK?) Check it out below!

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