Hard Lessons Learned from X-Wing 2.0

Here’s me:  A World(ish)-Class X-Wing player. I placed 28th in the 2017 World Championship and have the only set of the 2017-2018 dice in SoCal (that I know of!). I also have waaaaay more ships than anyone could ever use (we’re talking 20-ish X-Wings, even more TIEs) and have a fat binder of promo cards. I am chomping at the bit for X-Wing 2.0!

Also me: I’m a filthy casual, think Epic X-Wing is Real X-Wing, and love fudging the rules in the name of making the game “more like the movies.” I’ve been a loyal and diligent customer but have loads of unused ships because, quite honestly, I simply haven’t had a chance to use them. Now you’re telling me my pounds (literally) of cardboard are useless and if I want to keep playing I not only have to re-buy, I have to pay extra?!? X-Wing 2.0 makes me feel sick…

So…after years of jumping both sides of the line, the announcement and subsequent promotions of X-Wing Second Edition have put me in an awkward position. I love X-Wing, but do I love what this new game is? This has taught me some hard lessons I think are important to share. That, and you can see a grown man complain about a board game, so that might be entertaining in it’s own right.

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