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Imperial Assault Carrier (aka Gozanti) Unboxing Part One

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Hey Guys-

It’s a bit of old news now, but check out this video review of the Imperial Assault Carrier (aka Gozanti Cruiser)  Part One: Unboxing and Component Review.

We lay out everything that comes with it, like the Cargo and Crew upgrades, the game changing modifications, as well as do a Deploying demo and show some of the tactical options its provides.  The Gozanti is an amazing ship.

Check out the video here!


X-Wing Wave 9 News and all Upcoming Releases!


Hah!  And you thought GeekADD had gone dark!  Well, we’re still here and just like with Wave 8, we’ve consolidated the news and spoilers for Imperial Veterans, Heroes of the Resistance, and Wave 9 expansion packs!

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The Almost Spoiler-Free Core Set!!!

Guys…Star Wars….unnnnggghhh!!!!*

*for those of you not keeping up with my Saga of Self-Torment and Flagellation, I’ve put myself under a Star Wars embargo to avoid any and all spoilers of the new movie.

However….I also love X-Wing Miniatures and am a fairly active player.  The dark day has come where X-Wing Miniatures has released Episode VII content!!

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Adding Magnets to X-Wing Mini’s

So, sometimes when you’re playing X-Wing Miniatures, accidents happen.  Defective models, accidental drop-age, drunk friends (#1 cause for me), it’s very easy to end up with an X-Wing with 3 cannons or a TIE Interceptor minus a wing.  Superglue is mildly adequate, but I’ve had much better results using a compound called “Build-It.”

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X-Wing Wave 7 Review Video!!


Hey guys, check out our youtube channel  to watch our review of the latest X-Wing Miniatures ships!!  See it here!

macro lenses make anything look good…

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Wave 7 Available Now!

Quick announcement!

Wave 7 is shipping and popping up in several game stores as we speak!  Get your Conner Nets and Cluster Bombs!

If you can’t get ’em from your FLGS, get ’em from Amazon!



TIE Punisher

Hound’s Tooth