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X-Wing Scum Epic Ship: C-ROC is SWX58!

[Begin Transmission]:::

[ZeroKewl]: so have u found SWX-58 yet?

[AcidSinge]: nah haven’t found it yet

[ZeroKewl]: ZMoGWTF?!? ur posta be this l33t haxorz? X-Wing Miniatures releases skipped SKU Number “SWX-58!”  I gotta kno wut it is!

[AcidSinge]: FFG security super tight, brah.  Cant bust it even on this 28.8 bps!

[ZeroKewl]: Bro dawg…dawg…dawg bro, i need 2 kno!

[AcidSinge]: Hold up…no way…check this out!

[Zero Kewl]:…..EPIC!!!!!!!

Epic is right, sukkas!  FFG dropped a new preview article and it’s an Epic Ship for the Scum and Villainy faction!!  Check it out below!

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X-Wing Wave 9 News and all Upcoming Releases!


Hah!  And you thought GeekADD had gone dark!  Well, we’re still here and just like with Wave 8, we’ve consolidated the news and spoilers for Imperial Veterans, Heroes of the Resistance, and Wave 9 expansion packs!

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Imperial Raider Unboxing (3 of 3): Storage, Comparisons, Loadouts!

Cody C takes it home with the third and final unboxing video!

The longest video yet, we cover the topics of: component review, storage, CR-90 (Tantive IV) combat comparison, and loadouts review!


Not only that, but we got some sweet, sweet macro shots to give you that closer-than-real-life perspective on the ship!  Check it out!

Also, here’s Part 1 and Part 2!!