The Beast applies his makeup – Salooncab Primer Applied

Construction continues. And for no reason at all, I confirm that yes, a battery can power an LED. NOBODY WILL BELIEVE THIS!


CNC quality routing… No, not really


Putting together a dry-fit of the cabinet proved extremely valuable. I was able to try different orientations for everything internally to figure out the best way to cram all the necessary components into the tiny coffin. For the power supply I had hoped that I’d be able to orient it in a way that allowed it’s fan to exhaust directly out of the cab, but in practice I found that I simple could not make the fit work. The PSU had to sit on the inside of the back door, and it really only fit by cutting out a relief into the door, as pictured above. This served as a mounting spot and bought me 1/4″ of space that was surprisingly necessary.

Below you can see the attachment of the front overhand of the control panel. Later it’ll be sanded to have a rounded edge.


In the interest of keeping the project moving, I decide to go ahead a lay down a coat of primer. I’m pretty much having to make compromises at this point. This is as much of a learning experience as it is a project with a specific goal in mind. The reality is I just don’t have the skill to PERFECTLY execute exactly what I have in mind, so I have to continue winging it.

I also begin cutting acrylic top sheet that’ll go on the control panel. I’ve got a fun idea in mind using some blue LEDs. It’s not quite as awesome as the LCARS would’ve been, but it should still be interesting to look at.


Snapped the buttons into the acrylic and dropped it onto the control panel to see how it’s looking. The answer is AWESOME. The acrylic still has the protective plastic on it, giving it a matte finish look. I actually kind of like it but in the end it’ll be glossy, like JJ’s Enterprise bridge.

The acrylic obviously needs some shaping to get it to sit on the curved MDF of the control panel, so I use a heat gun and slow, even pressure to mold it over the CP.

Getting there…

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