The Saga Continues: Follow up to Force Friday

So, if you guys recall my previous post, I am under a Star Wars Episode VII embargo.  I was really anxious about Force Friday…1) I want to “save myself” for the film’s release and don’t want that to be compromised, and 2) it sounded like a lot of fun and I didn’t want to miss out.  I mean, this is essentially a cultural event, right?

So I went.

WARNING TO ANYONE ELSE LIKE ME!!!  There is a SPOILER inside this post. It got me, save yourself!  It’s minor, but it’s there!  SPOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILER!!!!!

Yeah, like my homie and blog-mate Gio said to me, “Sound like an alcoholic hanging out at the bar.”

But c’mon, when’s the last time something like this happened?  When’s the next time it would happen again?  I couldn’t miss out.  I decided to go and just kinda, you know, stay away from the Star Wars aisle.  I walked in the front door and saw a Chewbacca…we’ll he’s not a spoiler, so I guess I was safe.  Then….


Nope….nopenopenopenopenopenope…I don’t recognize that ship (I know it’s a TIE Fighter, but I don’t know any TIE’s with silver wings and antenna crap sticking off it!) I flipped a Koiogran Turn (U-Turn for you non X-Wing’ers) and got out of there real fast!!!

So, my Force Friday lasted about 10 seconds.  Luckily, I have this rare thing called “a girlfriend” who is dedicated enough to brave the journey in my stead (though, I think she just wanted a chance at her own Star Wars swag).  Additionally, my homies from “Mynock Squadron” were there, so they had my back as well.   I ended up people watching for the rest of the night.  Surprisingly, there were a lot of a people going into the store at midnight, even some in costume!  That was a pleasant boost to my morale; instead of shunned outcast, I felt like I was a parent dropping my kid off at the school dance.  Not part of the action, but observing enough to get an idea of what was happening.  To celebrate/document/keep myself busy I decided to creep on anyone interesting with my shitty cell phone camera.


This non-fan was trying to discreetly purchase diapers and escaped unscathed by Star Wars merch’.  She was probably the only person who wasn’t there for Force Friday


It’s hard to tell, but that’s Boba Fett with some Jedi homies

dv w st and chew

Darth Vader being escorted by a Stormtrooper and Wookiee Prisoner


Look closely…that’s two people “marching” to Target. Weirdos…

A second look into the store captured this…thing.  As far as I can tell, it’s a giant plush Chewbacca.  At one point, some employees came by, removed it from the canister and put it in a shopping cart, snapped some selfies, then wheeled away.


IMG_20150903_233632814chewbacAccording to my Bothan Spy Girlfriend, there was a raffle going on for that Chewbacca.  Apparently, you can’t just walk in and buy stuff.  There was a line for the various Star Wars aisles that were placed across the store.  Apparently, you were only able to buy a certain amount of stuff and were even subject to a time limit (!?!?!?!) while in the aisle.  Guess Target doesn’t mess around, though it sounds like this wasn’t strongly enforced.



Ticket and Stamp for the raffle


There is a Mynock Squadron member in this pic…HINT: He’s in a red shirt!

At this point, however, I noticed a giant “spoiler” had been standing next to me the whole time.  Anyone else looking at the Chewbacca picture notice….



…THIS?!?!?!  Damnit Damnit Damnit!! This is exactly what I was trying to avoid.  I knew there would be risks, but at the front door?  Really?!?!  The blurry TIE(?) fighter was a close call, but this is indisputable.  I was so close to making without taking a hit.  Bummer, I would have loved to be surprised with this on screen.

Anyway, there was an announcement soon after (about what, I can’t tell you) but it got people excited.

[embed width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen][/embed]

That was fun and got me back to the “parent dropping kid off at school dance” feeling.  I chit-chatted with a few other “parents” who were either waiting for loved ones, or confused about what was happening.  We bonded over not being included, though my passionate anger over the the Stormtrooper spoiler was not shared and lead to some awkward moments.

It wasn’t long until I could see people rushing to the registers, arms full of merchandise.


These dudes got hella merch’!

Soon after, the Bothan Spy GF made it out with her own armload of goodies!  She reported that she not only scored me a new X-Wing Miniatures Core Set, but all of Mynock Squadron in attendance got one, too!  Awesome!


A ROTJ Luke Lightsaber and a Mr. Potato Head Vader. I hope that’s not a spoiler…

Yeah, you might be asking, “Hey, Cody C…wuzyeah?!?!  How can you have an EPVII Board Game without breaking your embargo??!”


Wedged between a fruit bowl, giant pot, and old volleyball (that glows in the dark!!!)

That bad boy gets to sit in the closet (facedown of course) until I need something like the Rulebook or Damage Deck out of it.  I posted a blurry image of the box in my previous post, so I have a pretty good idea of what’s in it, but I still haven’t gotten a good look at either ship.  I still don’t have a solution for dealing with these ships in the wild, though……..

Anyway, aside from the hit I took with the Stormtrooper (still mad about that one) I pretty much escaped Force Friday unscathed and got to have a good time!  Stay tuned for a SPOILER-FREE review of the new X-Wing Set!


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