Too Old for this Shit

As ridiculous as it sounds, being an adult sucks. As I continue to grow older, I gain more and responsibilities. These responsibilities are piling up and are eating up most of my time. I long for the days of grade school and high school where I wasted my youth. I know what everyone is thinking right now. “Grandpa Gio won’t shut up about being old”. The funny thing is that I’m not really that old. I’m only 32. I just don’t have time to play video games anymore and it’s killing me.
Chrono Trigger. Final Fantasy 6 (3 when I was a kid). Earthbound. Final Fantasy 7. Metal Gear Solid. These are just a handful of the games that dominated my youth. I would come home from school and put a few hours into one of these games every day. I took the time to get all of the endings in Chrono Trigger. I farmed economizers in FF6/3 (renamed celestriad in future versions). I spent a few hours trying (and miserably failing) to get the gutsy bat in Earthbound. I collected all the summon materia’s in FF7 and painstakingly went through the strategy guide so that I wouldn’t miss a thing. Aaaaaaand I played MGS a few times all the way through and repeated some of the easter eggs. I never cared to beat the game with a big boss rating because none of my friends cared about it. imageThe point is that I used to be able to spend time with these games. I used to live in the world and learn everything I possibly could about it. I took my time and savored every minute of it. I just don’t have that kind of time anymore.

I now work a job for 8 to 14 hours a day and have a girlfriend and other social responsibilities. This is just time consuming. Another thought must be crossing your mind. “Oh grandpa Gio is popular and has a job and a girlfriend. Boo hoo. Suck a bag of dicks”. To the bag of dicks comment I say “no”, but to the rest, “yeah, being an adult sucks.” I just can’t spend hours and hours living in a video game world anymore. This is incredibly sad and also insanely relieving.


The most recent time suck of a game that I lived in was Dragon Age Inquisition. I’ve played Dragon Age: Origins (but not Awakening for some reason) and Dragon Age 2 and spent many hours in them. I bought Inquisition day 1 and put about 20 late night hours into it over the following two weeks. I then went on vacation for a week and ended up not touching it for about four months. I did pick it back up and plowed through most of the important side quests and completed the game. I haven’t touched it since. I loved the game so very much but I have no desire to go back and kill all the dragons and do all the companion quests. I just can’t invest that much time into a single game anymore.

This most likely explains why cellphone games like Candy Crush and Fallout Shelter are so popular these days. You can play them for 20 minutes and then walk away. These kinds of games lack emotional investment and don’t require you to spend 120 hours to get the most out of your game. (Don’t even get me started on Candy Crush. I loathe anyone that refers to it as a puzzle game.)

The next game that I will attempt to invest my prime adult video game playing hours (11pm to 2am) will be Fallout 4. I’m sure my relationship will suffer and I will have bags under my eyes at work. Will it be worth it? Only if Bethesda doesn’t screw it up.

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