X-Wing Bases: Now in 5 Colors!


I suppose as a consequence to my EPVII embargo, I may have missed this little morsel of news.  FFG is releasing packs of extra X-Wing Bases that come in translucent, as well as 5 colors.  I’ve always thought this would be cool to do, as Wizkids did it for Star Trek and D&D: Attack Wing.  Technically, you could still fit X-Wing ships on these bases, but they wouldn’t be game legal.


Star Trek and D&D bases. They look 90% the same, but take another look at the maneuver template guides

In the X-Wing Rules, the maneuver template guides, or “nubs” as most people call them, count as part of the ship.  This matters for overlapping other ships, landing on asteroids, or being in range.  I don’t play STAW or D&D, but despite not being legal, it seems like this could give you a slight handicap in X-Wing, as your base takes up more space.  The FFG official bases come in clear, as well as 5 colors: Blaster Scorch Red, Ionic Blue, Dagobah Green, Mace Windu Purple, and Sandcrawler Orange (ok, I made up those names).


Ooooo…pretty, though they look strangely…not real in this picture! Note the nubs on the front and rear of the ships.

It appears each pack comes with 4 small bases, 10 small pegs, 1 large base, and 3 large pegs.  This cool, as you get extra pegs, but also slightly annoying.  For instance, if you want to run Purple BroBots, you need to buy two packs and will end up with the bases you don’t need.  I suppose this might excite the secondary market a bit, but maybe I’m finally feeling the pain of people who bought the CR-90 just for the C-3P0 card.

Right off the bat, a huge mistake is not including a black option, either clear or opaque.  Having the colors is cool and all, but come on.  In the official FFG article, they mention “oh hey, now you can run Red Squadron with red bases!  Such wow!”  Yeah well…what about Black Squadron?  Or Obsidian Squadron?  I have some solid black bases, that I bought off of this online douchebag who sold me failed TIE fighter repaints and failed to mentioned it.  Luckily, I intended on repainting them anyway, but the bases we kind of cool.  To be honest, they’re kinda shit-ily spray painted, but the cardboard covers up most of it.


It’s not a huge difference, but I do like the way solid black bases look, especially with Imperial Ships.

It looks cool though, right?  Especially with the red Interceptor.  I would have loved to run a black-based Palpa-shuttle or Vader, but oh well.  Like the article says, I am pretty excited to buy a few packs so I can make squadrons for Epic games.  I’ve always wanted to run a Red Squadron and Gold Squadron list with as many pilots as I can fit from the movies, and this will help sell it.


Luke, Biggs, and Wedge from the FFG article. In an Epic game, you could squeeze in Garven and Porkins, as well, though you’d be missing Theron Nett, Puck Naceco, John Brannon, Elyhek Rue, Nozzo Nataayan, and Wenton Chan. Sorry, forgot Ben Quersey, I had to look him up. And yes, these guys are, technically, in the movie (arguably, if you count the briefing and take-off scenes.)

Wow…look at that caption.  Nerd….anyway, the X-Wing Bases will probably be $7.95 retail, but can be pre-ordered on Cool Stuff Inc for $5.99.