X-Wing Scum Epic Ship: C-ROC is SWX58!

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[ZeroKewl]: so have u found SWX-58 yet?

[AcidSinge]: nah haven’t found it yet

[ZeroKewl]: ZMoGWTF?!? ur posta be this l33t haxorz? X-Wing Miniatures releases skipped SKU Number “SWX-58!”  I gotta kno wut it is!

[AcidSinge]: FFG security super tight, brah.  Cant bust it even on this 28.8 bps!

[ZeroKewl]: Bro dawg…dawg…dawg bro, i need 2 kno!

[AcidSinge]: Hold up…no way…check this out!

[Zero Kewl]:…..EPIC!!!!!!!

Epic is right, sukkas!  FFG dropped a new preview article and it’s an Epic Ship for the Scum and Villainy faction!!  Check it out below!



So, for the uninitiated, SWX-58 was the missing product number that got skipped.  TIE Striker, U-Wing, Heroes of the Resistance, etc, were all releases getting into the SWX-60s, leaving fans to speculate.  Well, mystery solved! The C-ROC is a variant of the Gozanti Cruiser with stronger engines and the ability to carry more cargo.


X-Wing C-ROC fighter with Scyk Wingman


So, the final upgrades were spoiled…sorta.  Quick Release Cargo Locks…Huh?  WTF is a Container Token?  According to the Reddits, it is basically an asteroid you can “place” (ie anywhere on the table touching the CROC) as an action.  Cool, kind of like Rigged Cargo Chute.

The IG Thug droids are kinda neat.  They’re faction-generic, so putting them on the larger ships that can attack multiple times (Raider, CR-90) will allow the crits to add up. Super Charged Power Cells are probably better on the smaller Epic ships (Goztanti, CROC), as they tend not to have the same resiliency as the larger ones.  This way, you’ll know for sure that they get one super death ray shot for not too many points.


At first, I didn’t think I’d like this ship, but it actually looks amazing. It has a striking resemblance to Jabba’s sail barge mixed with the Gozanti we got last about a year ago. The C-ROC is from Star Wars: Rebels, used by Cikatro Vizago and his Broken Horn Syndicate.


Merchant One and Broken Horn

Thematically, this ship fits well with the Scum faction. Trading a shield for a hull, Coordinate action for the Jam action, as well as gaining an extra cargo slot and losing a pilot skill, it is more of a disrupter than a support ship.  Like the Gozanti, it is capable of equipping a hardpoint weapon.  Unlike its sister ship, however, the C-ROC has a big offensive advantage.  If you’ve never used the Epic ships before, one of their perks is they cannot be affected by stress tokens.  If they are assigned one, it is immediately removed (hence the lack of green and red maneuvers on the dial). So…what happens if you equip Zuckuss to a C-ROC?  Zuckuss has always been nasty, but has also had a consequence.  Now…well…I’m sure FFG will simply ban him from Epic ships, right?

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Before we get too deep into strategy, let’s get a good grasp on the release.  Also included is a Scyk repaint and some new pilots!



Some of my suspicions were confirmed.  Definitely a PS1 pilot with a…strange…ability.  I don’t know if I’d ever risk points on something like that.  The other pilots are interesting, but all seem to have pretty steep costs to their abilities except for Genesis Red.  That pilot might lead to some interesting mind games at PS7; with Vessery, Glaives, and Ryad so common, a simple target lock can give Red equal levels of defense.  So…does the defender player forgo the free evade and hope to punch through the reduced statline?  Interesting.  I suppose Red really needs VI or a method of acquiring TL’s during combat to make the most of the ability.

Pulse Ray Shield allows for…regen?!?!  The cost, however, is mighty steep.  Losing regaining a shield to lose your mobility?  I suppose it’s fine if you’re just jousting or you know it’ll lead to a bump, but this seems like a powerful, but dangerous card.  Most interesting is the line up of ships that can use this; Scyk, Kihraxz, HWK (Rebel and Scum), as well as the Starviper.  On Guri, for instance, she can regen and still boost for decent mobility.  If she gets to Range 1, free focus!  Not bad…

Chain effect weapons, like the ARC Caster shown, haven’t really caught on.  Assault Missiles are rarely seen and I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game with Ruthlessness.  While the Scyk might be able to use it as a cheap firepower boost, I can see it being harmful as often as it is helpful.  And if you’re the only one left alive…forget it.  Too dangerous.

/End Update 1

Based on the visible pilot cards are we…is that a PS1 named pilot?!? Haha, so strange!  Looking at the cardboard chit above, it appears we’re also getting Inaldra as a pilot.  Who?!? Haha, don’t worry about it.  Took a bit of digging on Wookieepedia to find out who this is. Given that the other two named Scyk pilots are from Star Wars Galaxies, I assume the unrevealed ones will be as well.  I tried to look closer at the rest of the spread but uh….

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.14.41 PM

Yeah…no. Won’t be reading any of those names. That looks suspiciously like a cannon upgrade in the upper right corner, though…

That’s zoomed in with Photoshop…the image just isn’t high enough resolution to pick out the other pilot names.  That’s ok, though…even if you played through SWG, would you really remember those characters?

The upgrades look very interesting.  Unfortunately, it looks like we’re only getting one of the Heavy Scyk errata cards, but six (!) of the Light Scyk cards.  Yup, so if you wanna run 8 of them, haha you have to buy two C-ROCS!  There are two other cards in the spread that we are receiving 5 of.  I’m not sure what could warrant having that many of it (besides Heavy Scyk errata cards, haha) but one of them appears to be a cannon…I think!  Could also be a bomb, I’m assuming it’s a cannon.  The other card must be a modification as it has no logo, is placed with the other mods, and definitely isn’t a title. Or condition…ugh…I forgot about those.

FFG did spoil a few others…Heavy Laser Turret which is effectively what the Outrider sports. If we look closely at the spread we’ll also seeeeeeee…..

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 8.49.08 PM

Awwwwwwww yeah!!!!  I think you know what this means, but if we compare some art from another FFG game, like Star Wars Destiny….


Dude, it’s him.  It’s so him.  I mean, to be honest, I didn’t really want to see Jabba in this game, but if we get Palpatine we have to get Jabba.  Besides, if we didn’t get him in a Scum Epic ship, when would we?  I have no idea what he does, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.


Hohohoho…wuhuhuhuhu!!! It’s so Jabba…

So, I’m actually a bit underwhelmed by his ability.  It’s a 35 point investment (YV-666, Jabba, one Illicit) so it doesn’t leave you a whole lot of points.  Seems like he might be…neat…in standard play, but would really shine in Epic play.  That way, your x4 Brobots can get double Glitterstim.  In some hilarious situations, you could even clog up the board with multiple Cargo tokens.

It’s worth noting that Jabba needs to be alive for his ability to work.  While the preview article says it’s basically “Illicit Extra Munitions,” at least EM is self-contained.  I think, technically, since Jabba can be on a different ship than the ship spending the Illicit card, his death makes any remaining tokens unable to function.  Additionally, there may need to be an errata on his ability (based on the definition of YOU) but I think that is minor.

/end update 2

Epic play isn’t for everybody, but I think the C-ROC is going to be a great addition.  Jamming targets then shooting at them with a Zuckuss’d HLC err…HLT will be pretty awesome, as long as you’re able to survive the low PS.  I’m excited to see the new Scyks as well; they’re silly ships, but are a lot of fun so Scyk 2.0 might actually be competitive.  Epic ships also seem to have a clutch card as a selling point (R3-A2, C3PO, Palpatine, Kallus) so maybe Jabba will manage to inject some life into them as well.

Keep an eye out for more updates!

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