X-Wing Wave 10 Consolidated News and Spoilers!

RELEASE DATE: 2/2/17!!!!

Wave 9 is barely in the hands of you scummy GenCon attendees, and now we have a new announcement for X-Wing Wave 10!!!  Sabine’s TIE Fighter, Kylo Ren’s Uplison-Class Shuttle, and the Quadjumpa! (yeah, it’s Quadjumper, but I’m trying out my Rey impression, OK?)

Check it out below!

Sabine’s TIE Fighter

sabine Main-2

Sabine's TIE Upgrades



Part of me, from a design perspective, is almost upset about this.  FFG, you’re giving Rebels access to the Imperial namesake and flagship?!?  Not only that, but you’re giving it access to the Illicit upgrade slot?!?!

However, it is kinda cool.  Everyone loves Sabine (especially the FFG content designers, apparently…she’s in three ships!) and we are getting some cool crew and pilots out of it, like Captain Rex.  Sabine’s ability is also an exceptional deal on a TIE…basically, she has access to Advanced Sensors, Engine Upgrade, and PTL-lite for free!

UPDATE: Pilots and Upgrades spoiled.  I mean, Zeb isn’t spoiled, but he’s probably the same as the Attack Shuttle version.  Captain Rex seems interesting; while easy to shutdown, pairing him with Biggs and Kanan could be seriously disruptive, especially if you can keep it up over multiple turns.

Ahsoka is an interesting support ship I haven’t quite wrapped my head around.  PTL and Recon Specialist (for Evade + Focus + Focus) bring her up to 24 points for a tanky support ship that gives out actions.  It could be a good way of getting off some ordnance, but I don’t yet see a strong list with her…yet!


Kylo Ren’s Upsilon-Class Shuttle

upsilon Main-1



UPDATE!! So, now we’re fully spoiled.  To me, this ship seems very min/max…it’s gonna burn up, but before it does, it’s gonna take something with it!  Major Stridan initially stands out as the most interesting pilot, given his ability.  Fleet Officer, Systems Officer, Coordinate Action; this allows him to become a long range support ship, which, as far as I can remember, hasn’t existed.  Well…except Manaroo…haha, but the closest thing for Imperials has been Yorr or Jendon.   Good thing he doesn’t have an EPT!

I don’t see much utility in the generic pilot unless you want a cheap gunship.  I guess FCS on one wouldn’t be a bad deal for the 32 points.  Dormitz (haha, autocorrect to Doritos) could be good for facilitating some early alpha strikes.  Kylo Ren will be annoying to take down, but I suppose if you shoot him once, you’ll want to double down and get him off the board ASAP.

The dial seems like it’ll be better than the Lambda Shuttle (green 2 bank) so I doubt we’ll see Engine Upgrade on this ship.  Besides, it seems to want actions to trigger Conditions or other support abilities.  Fanatical Devotion…I’m not sure how I feel about that one.  While essentially having a mini-autoblaster, it costs you an action and a stress, a friendly ship has to be nearby, AND they have to roll a natural focus for it to trigger.  I…..dunno about all that.  There’s certain things it would be useful for (killing aces, pushing through Ion hits, etc) but there’s still a lot that has to line up.  Even if you go through the effort of staying stress-free, spending the action, making sure your homie doesn’t get arc dodged, they could still roll all hits (or worse, all blanks) and it wouldn’t trigger.  Not even Palp can save you, as you can’t further modify any dice he changes.

/end update, old text below.

It was only a matter of time, but now we’ve got Kylo Ren among the Imperial ranks.  It depends on the dial, but this ship looks like it could be a powerhouse.  With a statline the same as a YV-666 equipped with HLC (minus range bonuses), this thing is going to make you regret flying in front of it.  I’m not too excited about the double tech slot…yet anyway.  I can’t think of a way to make Comm Relay useful, Weapons Guidance is….ehh.  We are getting two new cards that seem to warrant proliferation (you’ll get 3 of the “Hype…Comm” cards if you buy all of Wave 10), so maybe they’ll make good use of the dual slots.

While all ships in this wave are capable of using “Conditions”, we get to see one from this ship in it’s entirety.  It could be good, especially with Kylo Ren pilot, there’s no denying that.  However, I’m trying really hard not to be a cranky old curmudgeon here.  I’m not interested in these cards and I don’t want to deal with them.  Mechanically, it just seems “tacked on” and doesn’t flow into the rules very well.  It a manner of speaking, it’s not an elegant design.



Let’s talk about this Condition, “I’ll show you the Dark Side,” for instance.  Never before has your opponent had the ability to scrub through your damage deck and choose a card.  So, based on the wording, I’m assuming that you just hand your opponent your deck for she or he to pick through without declaring a card.  Once they find a Pilot card they like, they’ll pluck it and place it on the card and wait for you to reshuffle.  Your opponent now has a bit of an edge from cruising through your damage deck and may even be able to exert a bit of influence on it unless you spend a good, long time shuffling.  Hopefully you’re a fast shuffler!

But what if there are no Pilot cards remaining?  It’s unlikely, but possible.  Now, both you AND your opponent have intel on your damage deck.  Additionally, if the condition moves without resolving, I’m assuming the equipped damage card moves with it.  This isn’t bad, I’m not trying to complain, but it does seem like it’s going to be a lot of effort, especially vs Kylo Ren pilot.  I’m not sure I want to spend this much time on a game mechanic that just hard countered by me taking Determination (I take it…sometimes!).  Not to mention, now we’ll have to remember and be proficient at three other completely unrelated but similar in complexity tasks, or possibly more depending on how many other conditions come out.


My biggest gripe with this ship…how the hell am I supposed to store this thing?!?!?!

My biggest excitement with this ship….Coordinate!!!!!  Originally an action reserved for Epic Ships, Coordinate allows you to pass your action to a friendly ship at R1-2, essentially a built in Squad Leader.  The Upsilon Shuttle (what I like to call Up-Shuttle) could possibly be a bad ass support ship with all these crew slots and a native Coordinate action.  Advanced Sensors + Fleet Officer + Systems Officer could give support to two ships and only cost you one action and a green move if you’re able to fly it right.



Quadjumpah!   So…this ship seems to be more of a disrupter than a damage dealer, blocking and giving debuffs to enemy ships.  Neat.  It seems to fill a good hole in Scum’s lineup, as there aren’t many ships that fit into the low 20-point range…even the decent HWK shuttles get closer to 30.

UPDATE: Yup…moving backwards!  It’s a thing!  If you take a peep at the dial in the preview image, you can see you can do a 1-straight backward or 1-bank in either direction.  It makes it much more difficult to block this ship, especially with Constable Zuvio and his bomb shenanigans or Unkar Plutt with his auto-tractor beams.

I’ve had a lot of success with Tractor Beam on the Shadow Caster. While it’s generally not worth wasting an attack to add a TB token, if you have methods of getting it for free, that is a different story.  Especially getting it at the start of combat or at a high pilot skill, it can be quite effective.

The condition here, A Score the Settle, is pretty straightforward and performs similarly to an Agent Kallus, but only offensively.  Notably, this isn’t faction specific, so it could actually be stacked with Kallus and free you up from taking a focus action ever again ;).

Rogue One

Whaaaaat?!?! Well, I suppose it was bound to happen, but I didn’t think we’d be getting it so soon.  Say hello to the Imperial TIE Striker and Rebel U-Wing Fighter/Transport!



UPDATE: Soooooo many crews!  Baze Malbus doesn’t seem that great (not sure if I wanna spend points on Gunner if I can’t double tap the same target…) but everyone else…woah!  Sure, big mouth’ed Bistan hasn’t been spoiled yet, but the rest of these crew options are great.  Cassian is great for both blocking and arc dodging (as long as you’re a good guesser!), Jyn is great for burst focusing, and Bodhi has some good support options.

Some of the stuff I wanna try: Jyn-Jan!  They’re basically same character anyway, plus being able to multi-focus + evade out of a single action is awesome.  Since Homing Missile + Long Range Sensors is a thing on Miranda Doni, I’d love to sneak Bodhi as the crew, trade LRS for Guidance Chips, then run TFA Han as the opposite ship.  Start Han facing away from an enemy, allow Miranda to get a lock via Bodhi Rook, then Han zooms away and circles back around to engage with Miranda.  Expensive, but losing the “no TL at range 1-2” restriction might make follow-up missiles with Miranda a bit easier.  And lastly, while I dont have a particular home for this (Rey pilot, maybe?) anything with Rage + Kanan + Inspiring Recruit is going to be gross-good.

Also…I didn’t catch this at first glance…you Imperial fliers and Scum skimmers will be happy to know Inspiring Recruit does not have a faction restriction!

Thematically, this ship is similar to the Clone Gunship but in terms of gameplay, functions more like a Rebel Lambda Class Shuttle.  While the Lambda can be downright nimble in the hands of the right player, the U-Wing seems to directly address the Lambda’s shortcomings.  A 180-option, white 90 degree turn, EPT, and a method of increasing agility, this could be a powerful option.  With the slew of Rebel crew available, having a cheaper-than-a-Falcon ship with double crew slots means this could be either a viable combat or support ship.

TIE Striker

UPDATE:  OK, interesting…these upgrades and pilot abilities…they’re not jumping out at me as amazing, but they’re also wild enough to give me pause.

That EPT basically turns someone’s shot into a super punch!  It’s disruptive enough that it could really throw off your opponent.  Chances are, your ship equipped with Swarm Leader will get attacked first, so the evade tokens your wingmen spend won’t be of consequence.  However…mmm…X7 Defenders without evade tokens??  That’s a hard choice, and if you manage to smoke the evade-providing wingman, you’re nerfing Swarm Leader’s effectiveness anyway.

Lightweight Frame seems great on these guys, but might be good on TIE Shuttles or TIE/SF’s as well.  I really want to put it on Bombers but swap it for Guidance Chips?  Long Range Sensors?  No way.

I think TIE Strikers will suffer from a lack of action economy.  It seems like most will want that Lightweight Frame, so there’s no real opportunity for double-action upgrades.  Stress seems exceptionally bad; not only does it block Adaptive Ailerons from triggering, they don’t have many green moves.  Adaptive Ailerons is kind of like Advanced Sensors, Engine Upgrade, and mini-Push the Limit all in one, so if used correctly, is of exceptional value.

Keep checking for updates!  As more details come out, you can be sure to find them here!

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