X-Wing Wave 13 Consolidated News and Spoilers!

Woah, wave 12 isn’t even out yet and we’re already hearing about X-Wing Wave 13?!? It looks like Wave 13 is going to be focused on ships from the Last Jedi and release sometime early in 2018.  I’ve seen some images of both of these ships already, but let’s see what FFG will offer us!


B/SF-17 Resistance Bomber



Wow…I don’t even really know what to make of this ship.  It sort of looks like a cross between a B-Wing and a Nebulon B Frigate.  And a whale.  Haha, how does this thing even land?  Not like this is really good source material, but here are a few pictures from the back of a LEGO model.

Top Turret B/sf-17

Turret at the upper rear of the B/SF-17. Notice a crew member very far back behind the turret.

Bottom turret B/SF-17

Lower Turret at the bottom of the B/SF-17

Based on the fluff, I’m surprised it doesn’t have a crew slot and an Auxiliary Arc instead of a turret, but I suppose they needed to separate it from the other bombers and large based ships.

Nym from Wave 11 has proven to be quite the capable bomber, but mainly because we can get him up to PS10, run him with Advanced Sensors as well as Genius.  The B/SF-17, which I’ll just call Resistance Bomber from here on, also has the System slot for Advanced Sensor usage, but doesn’t seem like it has the same “auto-success” capability as Nym.  I’m thankful that Sabine can’t ride around in this thing, as I could see some abuse with the “Rattled” Condition. It seems kind of interesting; not only does it defer damage to a later time, but you’re also bypassing the defender’s defense dice.  With only a 2-dice primary weapon, this seems like a good way to get damage through, assuming you can make your bomb connect.

Something FFG kind of low-key sneaked in is the “Launch” mechanic on the Trajectory Simulator.  People are speculating that means shooting a bomb out of the front of your ship, but which is probably correct. Otherwise, why wouldn’t it say “drop a bomb using the 5-forward template”?  It is interesting to note that, while most of these upgrades are B/SF-17 Only, Trajectory Simulator is not.  I’m not going to lie, a B-Wing E/2 with Sabine, Bomblet Generator, and Trajectory Simulator is something I’m going try, if only to be hilarious.  Keep in mind, we could also put this upgrade on the Ghost, both Nyms, Firesprays, and Brobots.

I’m interested to see what these unspoiled upgrades are; while Trajectory Simulator can’t affect “Action:” bombs, it makes me wonder why we’re getting 2 Conner Nets, and if these other upgrades/pilot ability will be able to affect them.

TIE Silencer

Geek ADD's preview spread of TIE SilencerSilencer_upgradesSOONTIR WHO?!?! KYLO REN COMMIN ATTCHA WITH A SUPER INTERCEPTOR!!!

The TIE Silencer sounds amazing, but I’m also a bit concerned.  Soontir could become almost unhittable back in the day.  Now you buff the stats up and add slots for passive dice mods? It’ll be interesting to see people tweak this to optimization; Advanced Sensors, PTL, Primed Thrusters, Autothrusters?  Intensity, Comm Relay, FCS?  VI up PS11, or do you Adaptability down to 8 so you guarantee his ability goes off against other aces?  Haha, yeah that’s probably a bad idea, but the fact is Kylo seems to be Soontir with just more tools.  And that’s not even getting into the unspoiled upgrades.

For some reason, FFG thinks it’s prudent to give us a 4 of the “Adv…Op…” Tech upgrade card this wave.  Not only does that tell us it could be a valuable card, but also that it isn’t bomb related, since the Silencer can’t make use of that.  It does look suspiciously similar to Comm Relay’s text.  The new EPT has something to do with gaining evade tokens, but the other one I have no idea.  None of these cards seem to be TIE Silencer only, but they do seem to be small-ship only with the exception of the “Adv…Op…” card.

The TIE Silencer seems like it will be a late-game nightmare to finish off, especially with the Title.  With Intensity and Comm Relay, it’s possible to have focus and evade tokens, so the added defensive reroll means you’re going to have to spend several turns shooting at him before any damage gets through.  Sensor Jammer is an old card but an interesting choice to include in the pack; combined with a PS10 RAC and Hot Shot Co-Pilot, SJ on Kylo could greatly increase his staying power.

So, there you have it!  Wave 13 in all of it’s glory.  It’s a bit unusual to have a 2-ship wave, I don’t remember seeing that since the Decimator/Outrider release. What’s even more unusual is to have two waves spoiled at essentially the same time. Not sure what to make of that. It’s a bit of a bummer that the Silencer is $30, but I guess it does come with some good upgrade cards.

As more info drops we’ll keep you updated!


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